She leans against a pine
Slightly above the head,
Her left hand raised,
Touching the tree bark

Her elbow points to my direction,
Her eyes beam with youth,
And her smile warming my cold heart

I feel it beep once again
From one to a thousand,
Rapidly to a zillion,
And I know then,

That I have fallen hard
For the pretty face before me
Partially covered by long dreads falling

Her lips appear so luscious,
A deep red like a ruby
Reflecting the last rays of the sun
Before hiding behind the  mountains

Darkness covers us so fast,
Like a dark cloud spreading a plague
And yet, my delight dies not

But burns bright like a flame,
Of a piece of wood in the jungle
Suddenly blown out by the malicious winds

Then, reality appears to me like a ghost.
In blue and white,
Like, comment, tag
Big letters, “Facebook”

To which I now see,
It was just a pic

Dear mom and dad

It is a crazed world
Where sanity and insanity war
Man tethered by responsibility
Grazing between choices

Choosing a pathway to lifelessness
The black hole of all human life
The one side that we do not know
Pulling each one of us randomly

When man chooses sanity,
He lives to a scale
Set by the society, family and himself
Balancing happiness between all

Hmm! What are a wondering way to live?

Sometimes I do think its easier to be insane
At least then I don’t have to play by the rules
My dad a preacher, and mom a judge

Both speaking of hell,
One allegedly ruled by demons,
And another built of stone and bars
Designed for people like me

The sons of anarchy?
She replies, ” yes indeed!”

And why do I believe her?
Is it a paranormal feature that all mothers have?
Or they just tap into their children’s naivety?
Using sincere eyes that say, all is well

Hmm! A powerful weapon they wield

But anyway, this time,
some part of me still hinges
On the thought that insanity is better
Cause one doesn’t have to be tethered by anything

am I demented?
Tell me, really, am I?

I understand that responsibility defines life
It is the soul of sanity
And yet most of those who choose it seem unhappy

Unlike our brothers who choose the later
Living care free and drowning in physical laughter
And yet, them too are not truly happy

Tell me dad, what is life?
Is it the choice of how we make us happy?

And if yes, what is happiness?
Is it that gained by sanity or insanity? Or may be both?
Huh? Tell me

Yours truly,
The 10 year old son

Note: I will be playing with Cathy next door
Thought you should know in case you need me
I love her hair and she smells good 
I understand you don’t want me to play with her
But I just won’t stop
Reason, because I like breaking rules
Love you mom. Love you dad

The desert walk

Head low, shoulders down

Dragging feet in the hot sand

A whooshing sound, distant


Coughs and stumbles,

Not losing his feet,

Panting and sweating


Stands, arms on the hips

A shadow, circling around

Looks up to the sky, an eagle


Burning light pain,

In his eyes, itchy,

Sweat and excessive brightness


Looks down, a lone desert lily,

A black widow spider, webbing

And what will it trap?


Stares straight, oh! A dragon fly

Isn’t it beautiful?

Swirling about in the air


A whooshing sound, again

Rumbling, louder and closing in

Turns back, a sandstorm


Suddenly, feeling strong,

Eyes quick through the vast openness

A distant tree, finally!


Water, wait, the storm

Starting out with fast strides

If only he could reach it,


One more step, one more

Don’t look back, never

Forward, the only way to go


At last, hugging onto the desert palm

He waits, nothing, why?

Looks back, the rescue jeep


He faints right there…


She was by the beach standing, staring at the sunset. And I thought, this is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen.
The wind blew lightly on her dress. It was a long dress that touched the ground. She seemed like a goddess from the ancient kingdoms. Like Arthena of Greece she graced in the dimming yellowish light.
I knew I had to talk to her and quickly I walked towards her.
Before I reached her, she turned and faced me. I knew what to do. First, wear a good welcoming smile. Second, make a joke and lastly make the compliment. These I had been told by my friend back at campus during my study for a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. And here I was seven years after.
If there is one thing my mum never told me about, was that nothing was scary like talking to a pretty girl. Not like she was there to tell me so I don’t blame her. Anyway, this happened. First, I lost my resolve to move further. Second, I became numb. I couldn’t move anything on my body. May be because I passed out for a minute or two while staring deep into her eyes. They shone with a sparkle like flash from a precious gem. That gem, definitely not on planet earth. May be gems from Mars if man ever stepped his foot there.
while I stared deep into eyes, I saw me back in my childhood days with my mum on her lap. She said, “son one day you will meet a lady on the beach. She will become a part of you for she is special and so are u. I tell this now for I may not have a chance to say this to u when u are ready. They say, the truth always finds a way. Someday u will know.”
After my confusing trip to my childhood, I opened my eyes and there she was staring back at me in my eyes. I still couldn’t move any part of me but my eyes. I looked closely at her face and it was as my mother had said. She was special. I knew this was a feeling. So, suddenly i felt my lips move and I whispered slowly and softly, what is your name? She leaned close to my ear and said, am your wife.
Abruptly screaming to my feet I asked,”am married?!” when did that happen? Do we have kids? She said, “yes, Michelle and Gabriel. See another Is coming, he will be named Raphael but don’t credit yourself honey, this is just a dream.”
And that’s how I woke up last Friday morning.

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