How to love a man,
whose lips whisper another’s name?
A woman’s

I weep in my sleep
As his eyes look at the horizon
Over the edge of my pillow

My hands caress his skin
But not the tender fabric of his heart
For its another’s

The woman at the ball
The mirror I looked into
Her likeliness like my past

When the night was young
And the moon was a virgin
Yes! Her moon!

Still young and bright,
In the dawn of the twilight
And on the warm earth beneath

She lays in a bed of grass
And hums to the stars,
Her voice calling to the angels

And along comes my man
At least he was,
In the past

Now a stranger,
Or another’s man
In my bed of withering grass

And with my tears to wipe,
I lay cold, thoughtful,
How to love another’s man?



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Sweat and skin
Brushes of hair between
I feel his breath on my neck

The desires of a pounding heart
A race to a finish line
Only to start from where it ends

Just a pendulum
Either a top left or right
And again, back to the middle

Like a bird in the sky
Caught in a current
That forever is yearned

Stretching her wings
Before the break of the winds
That she must find ground again

From the same tree she flew,
An old branch of an oak,
Where her nest will ruin

At the changing seasons
Her spirit like a flame,
Losing the color of its light

As she flies again and again
Trying again and again
Until the sun falls and rises never again


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The bride in a black dress

Where the roses drift on a drying river,
My heart pounds less to the echoes of your lies

Smooth lines mark the edges
A circle looping us inside a past

The black scarf in a closet
The tears of a weeping star

That the moon was mine
And not the warmth of your skin

On a cold night,
At least for most of the nights

When you were with her,
Until the break of a new dawn

But not another colored sun
For the shade is fading

The effects of your drug waning
That it only hurts to breathe

Between sobs of rage,
Pain and ecstasy

The crystal of naivety
A rainbow sunset that I had seen

Transformed into a twilight
That now,
I am the bride in a black dress


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Of the promises

Each taken with a sigh

When we kiss,

To love forever

We never meant…

…To hurt forever

Oh maybe we forgive,


The next day

The day after

And the other day after

Hearts for shells,

Rattling guns and shreds

To imagine we could become whole again,

and observe life from a dying seed

watch the leaves sprout…

it is a new sun

Life is beautiful,

Love is painful

Yet colourful,

Within the nothingness of every moment ,

Subtly we fade


Sleeping through my regrets

Nights of sweat

leave a mark on my soul

A twisted self

Crusades and morality

Set the conscious

A weight It can carry…

will he breakdown in the sun?

A priest and his trade

selling hope and penance

It is the sale season

the discount on salvation

We surely buy sanity from the altars

“no body seeks evil”

When I devour a man’s heart,

It is for his soul,

The only redemption…

….from the plagues of his world

Dancing in the mud

She after me

My lover’s eyes are stray to mine

The echoes of cracking walls,

Break me

It is unsafe in this castle

Queens wither in shades of mistresses

Bedroom hymes are violins with broken strings

Rose petals squash beneath a thousand feet

Trying to keep toe to your sways

You stain my gown

Your filthy hands wrap my neck

Squeeze every breath out of me

And confess your “love” to another woman

You will be free

And this would be the last dance

The last show,

Dancing in the mud

Life on Mars

A butcher’s hands…

Clotted with blood inside fungal nails

He sets a table

Lays a rose by the candlestick

My love, won’t you eat tonight?

It’s liver and hearts,

Scooped out of drunken souls

That which fills a man,


Lust, romance, kinship

Desperate eyes,

Blood shot

Veins pop,

Minds explode

The demons rage

The images she will never forget

Pinned on a wall

He found his way from the back

Growling in her ears

What was not seen,

but heard



The whispers in the dark,

Sighs and moans

When I lay awake,

When she falls asleep,

The life on Mars

Two sad souls scrapping the dead soils

We tread separate paths

And we meet again

Trying to erase the slates in our minds

To live the pain again

I should have fought harder

Winter bird

Walk a flowering garden

The chirps are noises

In this dark epitome

Where my soul swims

In the winds of nothingness

To hold meaning to these emotions

Love another man’s woman

His blue eyes are foreign,

Like a stretching canvas

That kisses the skies

His voice is a charm

Like a light rain on the roof

Wake her up from the eternal slumber

I see it in her eyes

She that yields to his desires

Her own fantasies

My own nightmares

Lay in his arms

in my silence I am crushed

Like snowflakes

Beneath your feet

Small to the eye

Faint for your ears

Can’t you see l bleed for you?

Why chase a winter bird?

Toy shop

Let’s play street

We walk crowds

And dip into pockets

Filthy hankies are molded

Wiping sweat off plastic faces

The toy shop

One legged dolls limp in muddy grounds

Mother’s tales and unicorns…

dark horses with headless knights

The money that buys all

The mirror of wishes

Speak unto your reflection

And thou shall be

Hanging by loose threads

Dancing lullabies by the puppeteer’s hands


Trapped in a dead man’s watch, 
A young man’s soul sinks in the abyss 

Falling through echoes and whispers 

The tailor only made the tie

Sold it to a friend, 

And the user’s guide he keeps

Beneath a cracked mug, 

“the pain never goes away”

Whisky stains on the pages

Of a father’s will to his son

He stares at the knot in the mirror

“I never get it right”

And steps off a leaning chair

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