The desert walk

Head low, shoulders down

Dragging feet in the hot sand

A whooshing sound, distant


Coughs and stumbles,

Not losing his feet,

Panting and sweating


Stands, arms on the hips

A shadow, circling around

Looks up to the sky, an eagle


Burning light pain,

In his eyes, itchy,

Sweat and excessive brightness


Looks down, a lone desert lily,

A black widow spider, webbing

And what will it trap?


Stares straight, oh! A dragon fly

Isn’t it beautiful?

Swirling about in the air


A whooshing sound, again

Rumbling, louder and closing in

Turns back, a sandstorm


Suddenly, feeling strong,

Eyes quick through the vast openness

A distant tree, finally!


Water, wait, the storm

Starting out with fast strides

If only he could reach it,


One more step, one more

Don’t look back, never

Forward, the only way to go


At last, hugging onto the desert palm

He waits, nothing, why?

Looks back, the rescue jeep


He faints right there…



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