boy turns into a man

sometimes this heart feels lonely

like an open sea,

the winds of the south,

lingering, turbulent,

a wave of undesired thoughts


the dashes,

the echoes of an unanswered questions

with a broken pen and an empty ink pot,

a razor slits through the mirror

and bleeds a young man’s face












the lips that fail,

to speak the secrets of a heart

the lone rose in an empty park

on the bench,

a hand that moves away,

in another man’s hand

the resonance

a silent wind and it’s whispers

a bleaching petal,

falling into a winter’s cold

my flesh will numb tonight,

in the tears of an unspoken love








i find no words for the gratitude,

to define my sincere appreciation

to the humble and honest readers of my blog


really, thank you!


I remember the early times, my first poem

written for a friend who has grown all her life with her mother having lost her father while still young. I desired to capture the love and pain between, the cautious advice of her mother truly intended for her daughter to live a better life.

I honestly do not know how well I did, but like I said, it was my first.

I have been writing for about a year now, changing styles and stuff, faced writer’s blocks too, erased way too many works before publishing but kept on.


When I read some of my work I wonder, did I really write this?

How to explain I do not know, but I become gratified, and remember this has been a journey of many adventures and wish to continue with you all.  Thank you!





A man dreams

‚ÄčThe world is such a big place

The running skies into the seas

And the speck of dust on a ship’s flag, soaked in a nights cold,

It’s weight dragging it down  into the oblivion of a worthless sea tide

The triviality of our concerns, our own existence versus the  value of life, is a man his dreams?

A flower ceases to be

A walk in the park
A silent wind rubbing,
against weary leaves
A dry throat in a bright sun

The touch of fairness
Feel the pores breath
The eye that catches a flower
Inhale her fragrance

Way deep,
Into the lungs,
the mind
And the soul

If only moments stretched a lifetime,
even more,
The petal that withers,
in my hands

It’s dust in the wind
A shattered heart
When it hurts to love,
cause the day is gone

Just a day
Only when I thought I didn’t care,
and you did it
You left memories in my head

The little arguments
The smiles within the tears,
I hate that I didn’t hold you enough
Long enough

The flower from the park
Ceasing to be
But forever in our hearts,
A friend and a family



It scares me that I’m leaving
That I don’t know anything at all

Treading unknown waters for sure
That I fear the future now
More than ever

Yet I desire even more,
To leave

To embrace the turbulence of high waves
Living within my fears

Will I drown?
Or will I fight through every second?

With my own strength,
Wit, and breath

Will it be worth a while?
My life,

Just a lump of sand
Pouring from my palms
Through the gaps between my fingers

Someday I died,
Born into the stars

It is beautiful here
Where the illusions of the sun hide

But confidence,
The face of a lucky coin
I will be performing tonight,

In coloured lights
Where applause elevates hungry hearts

And yet,
Mine is a thirsty one


I fear that I will hurt you because I know I will hurt you

You love me anyway and that scares me so much

You love me dearly and I am afraid I will never love you the same

I am a wild rose in the woods

You smell my petals so deep but too short

And I am lost of my color before you find a pot,

To water my stock,

Before I rest warmly in your living room

And paint an eternal smile on the walls of your heart

I wonder,

If I could ever make you happy,

But I won’t

Love, this is good bye

A sad ship

The tears of a silent night
A lonely heart carries it’s ship to the sea
If only the waves could smash it’s walls,
And let this sad pain to the storm
Only the dead dream of the calm
And only the stars miss the sun

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