can’t love no more

Lost my heart on the road
Seen the merry and the filth
The faces of a thousand beautiful souls
Like smoke,
Lose their form until what was is no more

This love
The kind that we wish to keep
Only got a cup full to give
Hope you settle within your heart
That it is fills it’s walls


some day you awake,

to a silent god

and you take a bath,

long and deep,

in a pool of flames

you feel your demons within,


tearing through your boiling skin,

and the heavens,

can only seem so far away,

from the eye of the undying

the torment,

the dust on a forgotten painting,

to shade my heart black

and a silent god would awake,

to a cloud of my ashes

the essence of another soul

her heart belongs

it is beautiful in the skies

above the clouds where a bed of white spreads

sometimes she wonders,

if her wings would stretch forever

and even then,

the stars were just too far

a little close,

but their twinkles were still faint

and so she returned

back into her little cage

the falling bricks and the rusty roof

turning to dust,

the memories of a young blood,

an ancient spirit,

returning to the skies,

where her heart belongs




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