the city of lights

its shining gems forever a fantasy

a homeless man may dream




boy turns into a man

sometimes this heart feels lonely

like an open sea,

the winds of the south,

lingering, turbulent,

a wave of undesired thoughts


the dashes,

the echoes of an unanswered questions

with a broken pen and an empty ink pot,

a razor slits through the mirror

and bleeds a young man’s face











i find no words for the gratitude,

to define my sincere appreciation

to the humble and honest readers of my blog


really, thank you!


I remember the early times, my first poem


written for a friend who has grown all her life with her mother having lost her father while still young. I desired to capture the love and pain between, the cautious advice of her mother truly intended for her daughter to live a better life.

I honestly do not know how well I did, but like I said, it was my first.

I have been writing for about a year now, changing styles and stuff, faced writer’s blocks too, erased way too many works before publishing but kept on.


When I read some of my work I wonder, did I really write this?



How to explain I do not know, but I become gratified, and remember this has been a journey of many adventures and wish to continue with you all.  Thank you!





her heart belongs

it is beautiful in the skies

above the clouds where a bed of white spreads

sometimes she wonders,

if her wings would stretch forever

and even then,

the stars were just too far

a little close,

but their twinkles were still faint

and so she returned

back into her little cage

the falling bricks and the rusty roof

turning to dust,

the memories of a young blood,

an ancient spirit,

returning to the skies,

where her heart belongs





A man seeks that he can never have
Like tearing through a sky far beyond, 
reaching with his hands, 
to hold firmly
divinely cast

A 70’s wagon
It’s lines of perfect beauty
Smooth like old wine 
And with it’s round wheels, 
he chokes it into a pleasure sound

A sunset is never far from the twilight
Within the radiance of her fading smile,
they shine bright
The infinite stars of a silent night,
in your eyes

And he is fallen for just one
A single star
The lines of your face with every detail,
He watches, in contemplation, 
Like a lion and it’s prey

Oh Yes! It’s prey! 
The dance of the fur on your back, 
a cool wind brushing,
and then, 
he makes his move

Calculating your steps, 
breathing to the beat of your heart,
leaping with his sharp paws,
he hits hard on your thighs, 
his razor teeth deep into your neck

Sudden, but tender 
A fast heart pounding to elusive passions
Young and raw
The woes of a forbidden play
Whispers to oneself,

It never feels great to be hurt 
And yet, this does
Happiness and naughtiness 
Drunk of the ecstasies
When did we want so much?

His long arms around my chest
The warmth of his skin on my bare back
And his deep voice, 
whispering into my ear, 
unto my soul

Innocence is stolen
When Adam takes the first bite,
and Eve never wonders, 
Of the forbidden love,
In Eden

Where they lived, 
happily ever after

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