In a writer’s block

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In a writer’s block…


Cuddled pillows 


my cross sinks in the sea

Mouth full

The salty waters are tears…

Of a broken self

Trapped in the illusions…

of coloured sunsets

the moon never rises

Ecstasies of stale kisses

Your breath of tobacco,

burning in my lungs

Butterfly wings smoke in the sun

Coloured ashes are memories carried by wind

The tattoos are fading…

arrow hearts bleed dry

Cuddled pillows never get warm



Where thoughts wonder, 

Aboard a ship to catch the dawn, 

her smile cuts like rays…

of the sun,

through the dark clouds around a Lonely heart 

The first time,

The deep dive into a continuum

She calls it “Love”, 

Lungs drowning in a sea of fragrance

Inhale her aura

Insidious pleasures 

dancing to her reflection in the mirror…” 

I am Just a blur…

Fading away from her shadow

Nothing else matters

When the sun came anew, 

a long second ticked away into oblivion 

Eyes flashed in the yellow light

counting down the stars 

fallen from a previous night

I soiled my feet


from phantoms of a self

The voices and silhouettes 

hanging over my head

My soul restores in The hell’s kitchen

My lungs inflate in coloured flames,

burning inside my heart 

The bloodstream and the rush

In this moment I belong 

and nothing else matters


My hands are heavy with chains 

These fingers twist,

no more 

I send blunk letters to my lover

my mother

Was it for the heart? 

Or it’s ego? 

I am lost without the applause of the blurry faces 

that watched

Merry smiles and empty words

Listening to the streets,

whispers of my name

Now a cold silence 

Hiding within the narrow streets

My name to the ground

Beneath heavy pounds of a thousand feet 

Not even the rats 

Or the bats

Chatter my name

tears to the skies


and hundred dollar bills


a squeaking bed

Working behind closed doors,

pleasures known to a faceless man


she suffocates in her tears

“I am happy or sad?”

she wonders


It feels so wrong,

but so right

Is this where I belong?


within a rush of a fading high,

and the agony of a broken heart


my waning spirit,

it drifts in this endless cosmos

as I watch its infinite stars,

burning out,

one at time,


to when I become devoured,

into its black hole

with my tears to the skies



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