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Dust on my shoes

This street is dull
Sweeps particles of dust along it’s pavements

Onto my shoes,
Dirty laces through eyelets of tired leather

The park once bloomed
Faces of unknown lovers wishing upon the fountain

And I played a song
The strange tune of a forgotten guitar

Hearts came alive
The warmth of thunderous clapping delighted my soul

That I came each day
To pull the strings of that same guitar

Days fell in and out
Hearts walked in and out

Never returned
These piles of little scrolls of unread poetry

The dust between the lines
On every letter,

The tiny pieces of my heart
May be I am just another beggar on the street

May be my journey came this far and here it ends
May be I only need to dust my shoes

From the grave

If I fall from grace
The light that hides my face
My father from his pit of darkness, 
Will his bones rumble and break?

The heart is a frozen chest
Obscure reflections light it’s surface 
The paintings of the moon and the stars 
Will love warm the colours of a love night?

What the eyes can see, 
And her hands can’t touch 
My mother in the winds
Will your breath fill my lungs?

The whispers are unending
The language of the cold
Your lessons I may never learn
For the streets are so much different now

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How to love a man,
whose lips whisper another’s name?
A woman’s

I weep in my sleep
As his eyes look at the horizon
Over the edge of my pillow

My hands caress his skin
But not the tender fabric of his heart
For its another’s

The woman at ball
The mirror I looked into
Her likeliness like my past

When the night was young
And the moon was a virgin
Yes! Her moon!

Still young and bright,
In the dawn of the twilight
And the warm earth beneath

She lays in a bed of grass
And hums to stars,
Her voice calling to the angels

And along comes my man
At least he was,
In the past

Now a stranger,
Or another’s man
In my bed of withering grass

And with my tears to wipe,
I lay cold, thoughtful,
How to love another’s man?


Letter to the North Star

I wish to speak my heart,
To you
Like whispers on wings of a night’s breeze

With words flowing like a little stream,
Myself alone,
Staring at the shade of a black sky

And in the sound of silence,
I hear your voice
Like a hymn by a priestess

That I am left to dream
With my mind’s eye to see,
Your silhouette on a sunset

The crimson, and the yellow
All fading into the night
The North Star of my universe

This distance between
You in the sky,
And myself in the grass

I guess I should have talked
Should have kissed your cherry lips,
And held you tight within my arms

With another moon to wait
I dread I can’t be myself anymore
Not without you

That this ink on paper,
Scribbles of my drunk love
Bleeding my heart to you,

Hoping to catch that first light,
Of your eye,
When you finally come out of the clouds