Walking home

The tiny drops of water hanging loosely on my hair, 

These eyelashes, 

It feels heavy to look through a midnight moon

My lungs collapse in a winter’s cold

My tears are frozen on the inside 

The blood prints of my feet…

trailing my path,

My present fails as it fades

This heart beats on

As I walk on water,

Into a sunset we call home



The snowing days are fading
Am hoping to see the sun. The heart lingers on soaring hope          
And I found a reason to smile

I want to want someone
I already want someone
That someone is you
All I want is you

Of the earth and her roses
The night and her stars
They say the heaven and it’s angels
I say you and me

On the beach
Within the sounds of the waves
Our hearts as one
Pounding in ecstasy

What else to matter?
If not your reflection in my eyes
My breath on your neck
Rolling in the sand

Be it under the sun,
Or the moon
Of this universe
All I see is you

King and Queen

The tranquillity of the night,
Nothing better
I hear your heart beat
It’s sound crystal
The wind spells the letters of your name
And the leaves wave at the graciousness of your soul

I make of one request,
shall we stay forever in the dark?
Away for the rumours of the sun,
Her lads and daughters
Their malicious plots, gifts
And their hateful wishing

We like diamonds,
Purifying the night
Hiding beneath the long covers
King and Queen
Drunk in love


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