My mind is unknown 

to freedom, 

what it smelt, 

tasted, felt, 

or looked like 

I smell my blood

around her chains 

on my neck

like a hound 

I sniff her loins

I feel the lashes,

on my back

What runs in my veins? 


the pleasurable pains

Drunk on her essence

Oh! It boils inside 

Her robust body 

Her smooth skin 

Wrapped in my large hands

like faces of twin golden bulbs

They are warm and gratifying 

soft to the touch

like her gaze into my dark eyes 

her whispers, 

To the tempo of dancing hearts

she is enchanting 


my master

Her Majesty 

She drinks from my heart

the essence of my youth 


The demon in me
Check the shell and spill it’s secrets
Like and egg on a bare rock,
Before the sun for the world to see

The mind is an inferno
Ballads of the dead echo
Within the classics of the ancient
The winding chains around my heart

Pour me some blood
Quench this lust
And sooth my lust
The loins of a young maiden I long

To feel the warmth of her skin
With the sweat running on my back
Her veins pumped on her neck
And my fangs flashing in the moonlight

The death of flower
Withering with each kiss
Lies another body on my chest
The phantoms in my dreams


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