Walking on a boulevard
My silent self around strange faces
The city of lights
The Arabian beats
Paint a modern art,
And cast a new man in the sand


Dust on my shoes

This street is dull
Sweeps particles of dust along it’s pavements

Onto my shoes,
Dirty laces through eyelets of tired leather

The park once bloomed
Faces of unknown lovers wishing upon the fountain

And I played a song
The strange tune of a forgotten guitar

Hearts came alive
The warmth of thunderous clapping delighted my soul

That I came each day
To pull the strings of that same guitar

Days fell in and out
Hearts walked in and out

Never returned
These piles of little scrolls of unread poetry

The dust between the lines
On every letter,

The tiny pieces of my heart
Maybe I am just another beggar on the street

Maybe my journey came this far and here it ends
Maybe I only need to dust my shoes

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