See myself into a church 

The guilt of my sins like smoke…

Blows off red ashes of a dying cigar

It is a cloud,

A haze

A mysterious aura of the damned

a soul without a shadow 

“he is unacceptable to himself”

When the world swears upon a naked sun,

Salvation chokes on my filth,

And I watch my moon fade into oblivion 

I am drowning, 

Just like the priest…

Only he is far deeper…

Into the maddness called hope


A little lonely 

This part of the world 

feels a little lonely

With your smile, 

In my head
The words of silence

the distance between 

Not the oceans or the mountains 

can take in 

the echoes of our hearts 

Beating, for each other


My mind is unknown 

to freedom, 

what it smelt, 

tasted, felt, 

or looked like 

I smell my blood

around her chains 

on my neck

like a hound 

I sniff her loins

I feel the lashes,

on my back

What runs in my veins? 


the pleasurable pains

Drunk on her essence

Oh! It boils inside 

Her robust body 

Her smooth skin 

Wrapped in my large hands

like faces of twin golden bulbs

They are warm and gratifying 

soft to the touch

like her gaze into my dark eyes 

her whispers, 

To the tempo of dancing hearts

she is enchanting 


my master

Her Majesty 

She drinks from my heart

the essence of my youth 

Dead well

Vague smiles

Lies written on glossy lips,

The old wine tastes the same,

like water from a dead well


and salty

If all to a man is his cravings,

an empty glass and broken pipe,

then castles befall queens,

whose laces fall loose on their flat chests

But not wits

Beds pleasure hearts,

and poems baffle the mind 

She is more than a sexy lingerie 

He craves belonging,

to another soul

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