can’t love no more

Lost my heart on the road
Seen the merry and the filth
The faces of a thousand beautiful souls
Like smoke,
Lose their form until what was is no more

This love
The kind that we wish to keep
Only got a cup full to give
Hope you settle within your heart
That it is fills it’s walls

Seen the world

“I hope he doesn’t watch from the grave.”

The world has been

I stare in an empty glass

trying to forgive my yesterday

Been stumbling on a path

with no directions to become a good man

Who is a good man?

Our truest desires,

This world is not nice enough to give hand downs

I have only wanted to be better than he was

I have not known the man

His face is a shade of blur kept in the attic

I was six then

I am 28

The flit of time only speaks louder

I will not be cool anymore

I will be an old man

I would hate to be the stupid old man

I hope I will be that nice old guy

seated in the corner of a train

smiling at young love,

and whatever idiotic stuff the navie would be doing then

“I want to live a little longer.

One day more perhaps”

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