unordinary man

I have watched the world through a window,

the small screen on my phone,

I was afraid to be honest.

I am still.

hiding behind texts, likes and comments.

sure they haven’t been many but they have got me through.

the little coward…

molded like a rice ball,

rolled on the ground

you can see the specks of dust stuck in my skin

I am no “unordinary” man

I have stopped trying to break through

I am not giving up either

I am simply living today

I am me

the horrible writer on the “press”


Sorry! You broke my heart

The changing clocks

same faces trapped in reflections…

…of glass before moving hands

Our adaptation to the good,

as we knew it

There is more pain

but our hands wont let go

Don’t you ever imagine that it is easy for him?!

The beautiful sights

Converging hills,

Moving clouds and colored canopies

The train through life

What we call memories,

But play like horrors

from an unending script

when does one stop to write?

It all went silent.
You stepped off
I am looped in the imagery
Falling behind my eyes
At least it blurs the reality of this dreadful loneliness

Hey, won’t you say sorry for breaking my heart?


The days that I dreamed

the world before my eyes

All the sacrifices I would give,

To have the fairest of the roses

The chirps of the morning sparrows.

colour no bright petals in the fall

When all befalls the still breath of a winter wind

It hisses softly on frail bones

What to love?

But choices bated,

into ones and zeros

Is it all trivial?

Summing one’s years in a tally

drawn in the sand,

For the waves to wash clean,

back into the sea of nothingness

I want to dream,

feel and gratify,

in the banquets laid before me


The skies are empty

Empty alright, for the day

Maybe a sunset will colour my heart

But for a candle light

Blown cold at the dawn of the stars

Would they shine like before?

All these memories of us,

That I am by myself

That I should erase the slates

How do I?!

I am stuck in a tune…

… Of a chirping sparrow from the day

Her lullabies sooth my soul no more

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