Mad art

The stains of black ink on a white spread

The bold lines and racing hearts

The curves,

Her hair flows like a fountain,

Of dark strands onto her delicate skin

The green grapes,

Her ruby lips moisted with my frozen breath 

Her name echoes like the church bells…

across the Scottish hills 

The fragrance of her youth in my lungs, 

wild roses…

fill my soul with exotic desires

I’m the abstract of an insane love 

I don’t have to walk with worry,

 that my feet will tip over my own shadow

You are beautiful,  

And it is all that I live for 


You love me

I love you!

I love you because I do not know how to not love you

Because I do not need a reason to love you

Because I have fallen so deep,  way below my moral sense 

to justify my wild thoughts, 

these wicked dreams

the passions of the condemned

To enjoy every minute of every day

gazing upon the setting sun

Because I do not need to know what love is, 

So as to feel it

Or to have it

Whatever it is


I love you 

Because I am confused about myself,

My life, 

But not with you 

Because life is worth a while after all 

because you love me

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