talking to myself

You’re so pathetic!

So annoying!


Pathetic and annoying!

Pathetic and annoying!

Pathetic and annoying!

I should check the door


Check the door

The door

The door

The door

I did check the door

Pathetic and annoying,

Check the door dammit!

Seen the world

“I hope he doesn’t watch from the grave.”

The world has been

I stare in an empty glass

trying to forgive my yesterday

Been stumbling on a path

with no directions to become a good man

Who is a good man?

Our truest desires,

This world is not nice enough to give hand downs

I have only wanted to be better than he was

I have not known the man

His face is a shade of blur kept in the attic

I was six then

I am 28

The flit of time only speaks louder

I will not be cool anymore

I will be an old man

I would hate to be the stupid old man

I hope I will be that nice old guy

seated in the corner of a train

smiling at young love,

and whatever idiotic stuff the navie would be doing then

“I want to live a little longer.

One day more perhaps”

Selfish love

“I feel like I have left a small piece of my heart in every other relationship I have had”

I have crashed my heart as heavily as the broken words I have spoken to all the beautiful souls that have shed tears crying over a misguided love

My selfish path of discovery into yet another incomplete version of myself

I have played a cheat,

Boasted of one night stands in shallow minded talks

Oh the gatherings of fools!

The emptiness!

” I do understand why she won’t let go. Should she learn to love again? Another one?”

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