the moon in the low

the sounds of the wild streets,

the falling sun and its shade

the illusions,

the lapping images of a foiled self

a father’s shadow

I am drowned by my demons

but I catch my breath at the bottom of the sea

the moon shines bright in the low






Dear moon

dear moon,

I see you came out tonight

my heart feels less lonely in the cold

I dread the dark,

with its dancing demons

all in my head


dear moon,

I see you didn’t come out tonight

my heart freezes in the cold

I am one with the dark

dancing with my demons,

inside the devil’s layer


One life to live

we could be friends
Could be lovers,
Could be the world

The sky is beautiful tonight
A full moon radiates her light
I know your smile from within

The robes of purity wrap thy flesh
Tender and cold,
Warm and hard

I know your soul from within
The cry of the angels
At the gracious look in your eyes

And I know I am yours
This one heart and soul
One life to live

A guitar may cry

Because his lips are moving,
The sound of a tender song he whispers,
Endlessly on the door of your heart

The sun is rising
My lover, won’t you open the door?
It is bright outside,
And the sky is beautiful

Just the way you are
Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are

The night is silent
My lover, won’t you open the door?
It is calm outside,
And the stars are beautiful

Just the way you are
Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are

Because his fingers are wounded
The sound of an ending tune as it fades,
His broken guitar may cry

Maybe he will leave,
My lover got charmed in the strings
Maybe,  she will open her door


Thank you for reading!

Letter to the North Star

I wish to speak my heart,
To you
Like whispers on wings of a night’s breeze

With words flowing like a little stream,
Myself alone,
Staring at the shade of a black sky

And in the sound of silence,
I hear your voice
Like a hymn by a priestess

That I am left to dream
With my mind’s eye to see,
Your silhouette on a sunset

The crimson, and the yellow
All fading into the night
The North Star of my universe

This distance between
You in the sky,
And myself in the grass

I guess I should have talked
Should have kissed your cherry lips,
And held you tight within my arms

With another moon to wait
I dread I can’t be myself anymore
Not without you

That this ink on paper,
Scribbles of my drunk love
Bleeding my heart to you,

Hoping to catch that first light,
Of your eye,
When you finally come out of the clouds


Another moon

Even the devil loves,
Hugs and smile

Blood in his veins boils
Cold tears run down his lips,
Where the moon shines in the midnight

He warms her heart in his chest
Embracing the color of her soul,
Into the nothingness of the fading ashes
The once white petals of a virgin rose

When she wished for a falling star
And lo, the heavens opened
Her heart she waged
If only it could last another moon



The demon in me
Check the shell and spill it’s secrets
Like and egg on a bare rock,
Before the sun for the world to see

The mind is an inferno
Ballads of the dead echo
Within the classics of the ancient
The winding chains around my heart

Pour me some blood
Quench this lust
And sooth my lust
The loins of a young maiden I long

To feel the warmth of her skin
With the sweat running on my back
Her veins pumped on her neck
And my fangs flashing in the moonlight

The death of flower
Withering with each kiss
Lies another body on my chest
The phantoms in my dreams


A dead clock

In the silence of the night,
Am caught in the sounds of my soul
Dark thoughts cloud my mind,
and am lost of calm

I can only go higher
Try I only come to see,
my folly,
the shame of the past

Life but a mystery
Happiness but a flash
Son but a life
And torment but a wage

Seek redemption
What was and never was
But another day
And a night to meditate

The essence of life,
What was and is,
To be lost and gained,
In the dimension of a dead clock


Hands and dreams

Blood on my hands
sweat in my dreams
battling a falling eye
fright of hell’s phantoms

Guns in my hands
shots in my dreams
bleeding a deafened ear
howls of slain souls

Dirt on my hands
graves in my dreams
suffocating a broken nose
bones of rotting flesh

Nails on my hands
wounds in my dreams
scratching a plagued skin
peels of flesh beneath

And the cocaine in my hands
fantasies of my dreams
feeding a dry lip
relief of yesterday’s WAR


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