Mad art

The stains of black ink on a white spread

The bold lines and racing hearts

The curves,

Her hair flows like a fountain,

Of dark strands onto her delicate skin

The green grapes,

Her ruby lips moisted with my frozen breath 

Her name echoes like the church bells…

across the Scottish hills 

The fragrance of her youth in my lungs, 

wild roses…

fill my soul with exotic desires

I’m the abstract of an insane love 

I don’t have to walk with worry,

 that my feet will tip over my own shadow

You are beautiful,  

And it is all that I live for 


head above the sand

“I’m only trying to build a castle from my childhood fantasies”

I fall back at the day’s break

With the sun on my skin,

The dust on my soles prints on her floor

How much to pay?

When to repay?

The loyalty and affection

She rubs softly on my shoulders

And my soul sails away from the worries of tomorrow

I have fallen,

I have crawled

I answer to no soul but her

crossing the dunes my head above the sand

my eyes search for the oasis

The last sunset 

A breath that lives

A mother’s kiss printed on your forehead

farewells into the open sea

A sailor’s oath 

Hands printed into the wood,

and feet anchored in the deep waters

The curse of the black chest

You swim with the snakes,

and despoil with the wolves

You eat with the strangers,

and fight besides your brothers

The vanity

The Gold and wine

The withering pleasures of flesh, 

The molten statues of youth

Dusted, and ruining

With the sea’s song along a soft tide,

You catch the last sunset

A mother’s smile 

As you drown,


into the oblivion 

Words of a blind poet

speaking of a beauty unseen
the ruby lips florescent,

a flower,

from a withering stem
the fragrance
that seizes
the midnight breeze—

the lily of the valley,
her delicate petals
like crystals
of the stars—

her moonlight smile,
a treasure
in the secret chamber of the mind
and upon a silent winter night,

she dances,
her hair like a feather,
to the tempo

of her lover’s frozen breath









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