a good relationship is a treasured glass; words spoken too fast crack it’s walls


Church bells

The day the sun stood still
Was it the moon? 
My frozen breath on a silent night

These walls are moving in
A labyrinth lays it’s snares
These infinite ways by myself

How do I wait on your flame? 
The last of a candle burning low
Even the sun hides sometimes

The last of a ticking clock 
A second, 
And there goes the church bells in my head

The rings and the flowers 
The songs and the people 
I don’t know how to live without you 
Nor how to live with you

I miss you when you are gone
I miss you when you are here
And I miss you, 
Because I don’t know how to not miss you



Whatever happened to yesterday? 
Her yellow dress like the sun
And her bright smile like the moon

On a silent night
If shadows were alive, 
And these horrors were just fantasies

Then my lover I would be, 
Within an embrace of her shadow 
And not these phantoms in my dwelling

A wife loves her kitchen 
The silver face of a sharpened knife
Boils soup of a family recipe

We dine at a table
Her intense stare deep into my soul 
Spills hot coffee onto my shirt

The smirk on her face,
Blows wind in the chilly weather
Her hair, like a crown of a thirsty blood queen

Whatever happened to the rose in the jar? 
Her red petals turned black and dry
She, not the woman I married

She, the stranger in our bed
She, a silhouette in my dreams
And yet, I still love her!


How to love a man,
whose lips whisper another’s name?
A woman’s

I weep in my sleep
As his eyes look at the horizon
Over the edge of my pillow

My hands caress his skin
But not the tender fabric of his heart
For its another’s

The woman at the ball
The mirror I looked into
Her likeliness like my past

When the night was young
And the moon was a virgin
Yes! Her moon!

Still young and bright,
In the dawn of the twilight
And on the warm earth beneath

She lays in a bed of grass
And hums to the stars,
Her voice calling to the angels

And along comes my man
At least he was,
In the past

Now a stranger,
Or another’s man
In my bed of withering grass

And with my tears to wipe,
I lay cold, thoughtful,
How to love another’s man?



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May, the seventh

A great man warms the hand of a princess
The day is the seventh,
Of a rich May

When love stretches the skies, bounding two hearts
The rings of gold

The Lord blesses souls
A good thing he found,
And a favour he received

Bless the earth with thy seeds,
And let he be blessed,
He that blesses thou and thy family

Oneness of the heart trumps all
The bravest woman shades all
And seeks counsel,
from the divine

She tides his suit,
Readies the dinner table
And flogs her man,
Else his eye strays

Of course he doesn’t,
For the roses are young
And the moon is full
So they lay,
Resting on their honeymoon

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A good man

See kindness,
graciousness ,
beyond imagination

a perfect imperfection

Ready this heart,
don’t care how many times
get stabbed,
fall in love

They say it is blind
well, I want to be blind
and not deliriously watch others,
smell roses in the park

So he was a religious man
that I saw,
now this longing,
to fall in love,
with a good man


Two hearts

the long river stretches wide
meandering as a little stream
into one mighty fall called love
the thing between death,
being born
the reason am alive
one to appreciate beauty,
the uniqueness of your soul
rarely exquisite heart
with its crystal walls,
the reflection of my soul
with this unfeigned smile,
floating on the river of life
painting memories,
on canvases within our minds,
with these brushes of time
the tale of two hearts

Not any more

You want,
That I look at you,
With the same hungry eyes,
As the first time we laid

We’ve toured together,
Haven’t we?
Been up the hills
Down the valleys,
Enjoyed mystical fountains
Watching statues of salacity

Why wouldn’t we?
Aim for the cosmos
With vigorous bodies
And young hearts
A robust drive
With adventurous souls

Of course
Until we met,
a black hole,
Devouring our rose
Fast and slow
With each withering petal

So now,
I stand,
Watching between us
That drying stick
Of that rose we once adored
With our stars drifting apart


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