My demons

A flickering candle on an empty highway

light my way into a sunrise

for the dead walk in the shadows,

and the ghosts fly in the moonlight

but my demons,

I walk with,

on the inside



A sad ship

The tears of a silent night
A lonely heart carries it’s ship to the sea
If only the waves could smash it’s walls,
And let this sad pain to the storm
Only the dead dream of the calm
And only the stars miss the sun

A dead clock

In the silence of the night,
Am caught in the sounds of my soul
Dark thoughts cloud my mind,
and am lost of calm

I can only go higher
Try I only come to see,
my folly,
the shame of the past

Life but a mystery
Happiness but a flash
Son but a life
And torment but a wage

Seek redemption
What was and never was
But another day
And a night to meditate

The essence of life,
What was and is,
To be lost and gained,
In the dimension of a dead clock


The cord

The sheets he laid in,
Moved and wrapped his face,
The last of his breath
He had in a dream,
Following her shadow,
When it called to him,
From the undead to the living
That the cord was cut
And he was no more

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am lost within,
the labyrinth,
in my head

high walls run,
with creeping grass
entangling my heart


If God went North

             This sacrifice for a dream
Screams thoughts of what I must cast
                    into the sea

       My heart is lost of love
But vengeance
      And anger
        I see the moon
                                      Not the sun
           walk a dark path
   With an admiration for my shadow

        The only family I know
    With the night inside my heart
         The friends in my head

     When darkness is all I have
             My Nightmares to cherish
           If God went North
                              And left my soul,
                                       On a boulevard,
         Under these sinking skies



Sometimes I feel lost,
Like am living in a shadow,
Of ghosts from my past,
Walking around an eight,
With my head low,
Dragging my sore feet,
My hands loosely hanging
Drowning in waves of blurry ambitions

The flames of my yesterday,
A gun loaded,
In her hands,
Within her quivering fingers
The blood on my chest
This hole in my heart,
The anguish of my soul


I feel so alone
With a silent mind like a night,
But like cars along an idle highway
Sounds of resonating thoughts
Waving through a dark road

They howl,
and torment
The tranquillity of my soul
Lost on a voyage
Searching for myself

I yearn to awake,
to rays of a beautiful sun
With my woes in the shadows,
Of yesterday’s winds

Blades and roses,
Wrists and razors,
Laying inside a tab,
With a flaming candle,
Shining upon the ancient letters,
Of a divine scroll

I dig my own pit,
Yanking my own chains,
Around my neck,
Toes,and hands
To love the pain,
If its all, there’s to feel

But even so,
It was the light,
That moved away,
To blur my shadow,
With the night,
When my moon rose
But fell with her stars
The ghosts from my nightmares


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