Little Amy

“Hallo! ”
He won’t speak
Ends the line on the other side

I find these conversations in my head
Little Amy won’t sleep
Echoes of her cry
Her fever burns so high

Why am I even thinking about him? 
His tail between his legs
He cowardly turned his back
To blood of his own

Little Amy is his eyes, 
Her smile charms my heart 
That even within his lies
One truth there is, 
This daughter that I love

Thank you for reading!



Let’s whisper unto the stars,
the secrets of our wishes
Unicorns and fairies
a princess and her knight,
If beauty is to fade,
and happiness is to seek,
so he wears
the crown of Persia,
a ring of immortality
holding a scroll of literature,
romance, and history
A gladiator’s aura
Fallen in the sand of the arena,
A dove in the sky
Across the black sea
If my soul finally crosses
Walking the moon,
Among my forefathers
The birth of a new star

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