Shade by the moonlight 

The sun is a candle…

burning inside the mirror 

Yet another reflection

It’s rays fall cold on my skin

A bleached rose

smell the sixteen,

Whirl in the abyss of love

An ocean,

Drowning in its waves

The salt crystals molten on the walls of my lungs

A burning thirst,

addicted to the flames of your kisses,

fallen into a shade by the moonlight

The forever winds

Breezing on my rugged skin

The memories to the grave

Wilted flowers carried from it’s stones

Into the skies,

When I become gray




With a broken voice,

Sounds of her weeping guitar

She darts like a humming bird

Among falling branches


Will she be free?

From the violent hands

Dad is a drunk

and I hide in the closet


She says, “It is alright”

Kissing my forehead

Her cold lips are bruised,

Is it blood?

or tears?

that I feel on my skin


when did the roses decay?

Or they became bruised

Fallen to the ground

Where angry feet creased their petals


The frames are broken,

The pictures are in the flames

The vows are the ashes,

of yesterday

When she was a humming bird,

Chirping in the early spring

In the chords 

Her face never dies

Coloured across a stretched canvas 

Tired brushes perfect the lines around her smile
Her voice is an endless echoe

Looped in the mind 

The poet plays her a guitar,

Charms of the violin speak of her tale
Her eyes are the rising sun

With the breath of nature,

 across an early spring

The rays of the sun halo her silhouette 
She that loves an artist,

loved by an author

Never dies

In the heart of a soul singer 

She lives within his chords 



The baggage of a fallen heart

Lies to myself,

because I want to
No shame for the sun

Behind lucid clouds

Let it shine,

For you
For what is seen behind a glass

The difference inside the curtains 

The truth of our souls to the light

The curves and the hard rocks

Flesh worn on feeble bones

Even the wool isn’t warm

For the winter
But a lover’s breath

Behind the ear,

Down the neck
The dance of two fingers,

caressing a prickly stem

Of a blood rose
Because you love how it hurts

To fight with him

And cry for her
Because you ruin her make up 

And call her pretty 

Because you care for him

Some tears are worth falling

For all the lies I make for you

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