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The snowing days are fading
Am hoping to see the sun. The heart lingers on soaring hope          
And I found a reason to smile

I want to want someone
I already want someone
That someone is you
All I want is you

Of the earth and her roses
The night and her stars
They say the heaven and it’s angels
I say you and me

On the beach
Within the sounds of the waves
Our hearts as one
Pounding in ecstasy

What else to matter?
If not your reflection in my eyes
My breath on your neck
Rolling in the sand

Be it under the sun,
Or the moon
Of this universe
All I see is you

I don’t wanna die

Loyalty and honesty
Pledge the heart on a stab
Is it fear or survival?

As I slept,
The world calmed,
And the shadows disappeared

When I awoke,
The winds roared,
Squeaking sheets on the roof

He accepts mortality
Unchained from its ghosts,
And dines with the present

The roses in the park,
Unfeigned smiles he sees,
enjoying the colours of the young moon

I run he stands,
The mysteries of my life,
Archives, he loves to read

I love to fear
He loves to dare
We live to love

This life,
The truth of the eye
What to happen in the next second?

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Over again

Your face is never far,
in my head it lingers,
The cordiality of its lines
your smile and eyes,
a sunrise,
from a stormy night

Lay with me again,
and the heavens shall speak of us
The sounds of our ecstasies,
vibrating in its chambers,
down on the earth’s bed
and below, in the pits of hells

Let the angels blow the trumpets,
birds of the sky,
sing the hymn of our hearts,
and the devils quake in dismay,
as we shoot for our passions,
coming into, a seventh heaven

Thus I will sculpt,
the curves on your body
Down the hips,
up the front
The twins on your chest
on the walls, of my mind


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One and six

When hearts bleed pain from unfulfilled dreams, but positive to not fall prey into the dark, the world between.

The divine play heads and tails. They pump up our little hearts with fantasies, only to watch the dice roll without a say.

The six talks down to a one, “you are so small.” “Could it be that you are foolish?”
If the strong reigns with arrogance, and the weak must comb his moustache, then the dice is biased.

So the one plots for a takeover. For not all that is small is small. And wisdom befits it not to feast on wine and bread alone, but also on water and a single grain.

He takes a small wooden boat with an oar to travel an unknown sea. If dreams walk the sky, then “I will cross the sea”.

A natural six slanders with his tongue. Leaning heavily on his past, he rebuffs the future.

Not a one, a two, or a six can control tomorrow. But all wield symbols of hope to watch the next sunrise.

So it can be anything. And what happens when we get there?

If for the wrong reasons one finds victory, then for the right reasons one is doomed in silence, sadness, and enlightenment may be. And likewise, for the right reasons, a victory grasped is happiness for life.

So empty hearts know not the ways of love but hate. If gratification is one’s soul aim, then whine not if a gold cup is still a cup or rather one is too sick to enjoy the bounties of one’s hunt.
For on the six’s island, greed is still greed and kindness is kindness just like on the one’s main land.

The hymns of happiness are heard by all ears but listened to by fine ears of propriety.
The rains fall on all but the strong withstand the cold and the fright of lightening. And this journey is an endless one until we lay beneath the covers of the earth.

A superior man cherishes life, his and the others. Watching closely the web that turns events, he keeps an eye on the shadow of his neighbour so to send alarm to his peer when trouble hits; and his tongue he guards to never erase that shadow

The blessed are filled of life and wisdom to distinguish bad from wrong; They bless and heal the broken

For what is right is right, not for a good reward or punishment aligned; but for the greater web that guides all.

Not too big or too small, but equality steering evolution from the past to the moon; the one and the six, both equality important.

The superior man will applaud folly of a mad man when they will read with their eyes and not, their mind’s eye