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My soul feels cold
My eyes blind
What is, seems not
And what wasn’t, came to be

The veil of ignorance
Trapped in my illusions
These cuffs from the past
Eating flesh around my ankles

If only I had listened,
To the winds from the future
The Black Swan I saw,
Floating down a drying stream

The road we walked,
On shelling mines under our feet
A brother I lost
The only sister to care

Only to cry on my shoulder
Before she turned and walked,
Into the horizon
With my hands painted,
Into the crimson of the falling sky


A dead clock

In the silence of the night,
Am caught in the sounds of my soul
Dark thoughts cloud my mind,
and am lost of calm

I can only go higher
Try I only come to see,
my folly,
the shame of the past

Life but a mystery
Happiness but a flash
Son but a life
And torment but a wage

Seek redemption
What was and never was
But another day
And a night to meditate

The essence of life,
What was and is,
To be lost and gained,
In the dimension of a dead clock


New divide

Whispers and judgements,
the waves in the sky
Cracks of a shattered trust,
and minds distorted

A brotherhood of lies,
and a mountain of secrets
Stacking and overflowing,
the river of blood

He hates my smile,
and I hate his eyes
The way of perception,
this new divide

A difference of time,
these amplified desires,
and a widening gulf
When we let go of our hands,
and our feet, parted ways


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Grandma chants

With dreams afire
You give gratitude to the slayer
And the slain?
Pulling down a curtain on vengeance

And how does he live then?
If life is no place for joy,
Nor gratitude from retribution
What is this then?

The truth of the slayer?!
That he must bow at her feet,
Even when her path travels the past,
Tapes casualties of an asylum

Grandmother loves dolls,
She knits cotton puppets, 
Her children, a decree she chants,
Over her grave in their dreams

The web she weaves,
The shadow of her ghost,
A halo over their heads
The fright in his eyes


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May, the seventh

A great man warms the hand of a princess
The day is the seventh,
Of a rich May

When love stretches the skies, bounding two hearts
The rings of gold

The Lord blesses souls
A good thing he found,
And a favour he received

Bless the earth with thy seeds,
And let he be blessed,
He that blesses thou and thy family

Oneness of the heart trumps all
The bravest woman shades all
And seeks counsel,
from the divine

She tides his suit,
Readies the dinner table
And flogs her man,
Else his eye strays

Of course he doesn’t,
For the roses are young
And the moon is full
So they lay,
Resting on their honeymoon

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A good man

See kindness,
graciousness ,
beyond imagination

a perfect imperfection

Ready this heart,
don’t care how many times
get stabbed,
fall in love

They say it is blind
well, I want to be blind
and not deliriously watch others,
smell roses in the park

So he was a religious man
that I saw,
now this longing,
to fall in love,
with a good man