Another moon

Even the devil loves,
Hugs and smile

Blood in his veins boils
Cold tears run down his lips,
Where the moon shines in the midnight

He warms her heart in his chest
Embracing the color of her soul,
Into the nothingness of the fading ashes
The once white petals of a virgin rose

When she wished for a falling star
And lo, the heavens opened
Her heart she waged
If only it could last another moon



Star fall

I loved the way you looked at me,
Thought it was real,
But you were the devil

Words of thy tongue smooth,
Like berries,
Melting ruby in my mouth

I tasted your soul,
An overwhelming sweetness
Just an illusive poison

The fresh of my heart,
That you chewed on

Believing you relished,
from my blood
But just another prey

The rhyme of night
A vampires orgy
Dancing in a Wolf’s skins

A child’s innocence
With the stars all beautiful,
Until they fell,
To burn the world around him


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