Sacred and unclean

the emptiness of a silent mind

In the stillness,

I feel the breath of the reaper

warm on the skin around my neck

In the nothingness of a black abstract,

Tiny bubble like screens, one by one,

Moving about randomly

The little shows are my nightmares

Coming alive in my mind

The ghosts from the past,

Whose crooked nails hold deeply into my flesh

They pull heavily,

Drowning me into my bedclothes

Penance never makes the sheets white,

But stained

Over, and over

The sacred deeds would then come unclean,

For the their worth is never enough

To buy my soul from the chains of my pits


Sleeping through my regrets

Nights of sweat

leave a mark on my soul

A twisted self

Crusades and morality

Set the conscious

A weight It can carry…

will he breakdown in the sun?

A priest and his trade

selling hope and penance

It is the sale season

the discount on salvation

We surely buy sanity from the altars

“no body seeks evil”

When I devour a man’s heart,

It is for his soul,

The only redemption…

….from the plagues of his world

Life on Mars

A butcher’s hands…

Clotted with blood inside fungal nails

He sets a table

Lays a rose by the candlestick

My love, won’t you eat tonight?

It’s liver and hearts,

Scooped out of drunken souls

That which fills a man,


Lust, romance, kinship

Desperate eyes,

Blood shot

Veins pop,

Minds explode

The demons rage

The images she will never forget

Pinned on a wall

He found his way from the back

Growling in her ears

What was not seen,

but heard



The whispers in the dark,

Sighs and moans

When I lay awake,

When she falls asleep,

The life on Mars

Two sad souls scrapping the dead soils

We tread separate paths

And we meet again

Trying to erase the slates in our minds

To live the pain again

I should have fought harder

Red sun

The whispers…

are lies,

written in the air

Fading echoes,

speaking to oneself

“It will be alright”

“It will be al…”

“It will be…”

“It will sink in the earth,

The red sun sinks in the earth

The moon never rises

And the stars are fallen


“I am broken”

How to live this world?

Happiness is a blur,

smudged with blooded hands,

on the walls of my mind

Love was a stake,

run through my heart

When trust failed,

rose petals tattered in hails

The face of me,

is a stranger…

staring back…

…in this broken mirror

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