sometimes I wonder,
why your face I do not know?
yet it’s lines I remember


Let it rain and snow

A setting sun and her changing sky
The smooth canvas of the sea
Rolls gently into a silent night

I hold onto my oar
My little boat drifts to a lonely island
May the grass feel warm beneath my naked skin

Could it rain and snow at the same time?
I wonder
The cosmos fascinates a broken heart

These tears could be frozen
And washed away
May be my heart would forget

The fragrance of fresh roses,
And poison of a painted daisy

May be my love,
Like a flame,
Would burnout

And lo,
Smoke rising to the skies
For the eyes are better looking at the stars

Than the earth
Where you shadow I remember
Your breath I inhaled

A beauty I must forget
And these scars I may heal
If only time could let me

Wooden heart

I am selling my art
These carvings on a wooden heart Dead,

The whispers of a first love
The roses are drying,
Why do I hold onto her petals?



A broken self in a shattered mirror
Blur it’s image
A reflection of a father gone
But a ghost of me
These voices in my head

Mother curses
She cries at the stars,
And shuns my face
That I look like him,
A happiness to the flames

Black gold

Petals of sin
A cold breath from his soul
The fountain of tears

A line of ethics,
Between church and man
Is the truth a mystery?
Or a divine canvas?

Stretching the skies,
That the light sunburn what he sees,
Given time and place,
The shadows of the moon

A party TV of a painting,
Prejudice or nothing,
Pulling to oneself,
The plague of propaganda

Giving gins to the church,
To let a child live death
The reality of a cynical world,
Lost in the fumes of the black gold


Star fall

I loved the way you looked at me,
Thought it was real,
But you were the devil

Words of thy tongue smooth,
Like berries,
Melting ruby in my mouth

I tasted your soul,
An overwhelming sweetness
Just an illusive poison

The fresh of my heart,
That you chewed on

Believing you relished,
from my blood
But just another prey

The rhyme of night
A vampires orgy
Dancing in a Wolf’s skins

A child’s innocence
With the stars all beautiful,
Until they fell,
To burn the world around him


thank you for reading
please check out more on my wall and would love to know your thoughts


epitome of a falling self
like the ashes,
floating away,
in dying flames
of these broken dreams

thank you for reading
please check out more on my wall and would love to know your thoughts


am lost within,
the labyrinth,
in my head

high walls run,
with creeping grass
entangling my heart


If God went North

             This sacrifice for a dream
Screams thoughts of what I must cast
                    into the sea

       My heart is lost of love
But vengeance
      And anger
        I see the moon
                                      Not the sun
           walk a dark path
   With an admiration for my shadow

        The only family I know
    With the night inside my heart
         The friends in my head

     When darkness is all I have
             My Nightmares to cherish
           If God went North
                              And left my soul,
                                       On a boulevard,
         Under these sinking skies


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