Let it rain and snow

A setting sun and her changing sky
The smooth canvas of the sea
Rolls gently into a silent night

I hold onto my oar
My little boat drifts to a lonely island
May the grass feel warm beneath my naked skin

Could it rain and snow at the same time?
I wonder
The cosmos fascinates a broken heart

These tears could be frozen
And washed away
May be my heart would forget

The fragrance of fresh roses,
And poison of a painted daisy

May be my love,
Like a flame,
Would burnout

And lo,
Smoke rising to the skies
For the eyes are better looking at the stars

Than the earth
Where you shadow I remember
Your breath I inhaled

A beauty I must forget
And these scars I may heal
If only time could let me


Another moon

Even the devil loves,
Hugs and smile

Blood in his veins boils
Cold tears run down his lips,
Where the moon shines in the midnight

He warms her heart in his chest
Embracing the color of her soul,
Into the nothingness of the fading ashes
The once white petals of a virgin rose

When she wished for a falling star
And lo, the heavens opened
Her heart she waged
If only it could last another moon


Star fall

I loved the way you looked at me,
Thought it was real,
But you were the devil

Words of thy tongue smooth,
Like berries,
Melting ruby in my mouth

I tasted your soul,
An overwhelming sweetness
Just an illusive poison

The fresh of my heart,
That you chewed on

Believing you relished,
from my blood
But just another prey

The rhyme of night
A vampires orgy
Dancing in a Wolf’s skins

A child’s innocence
With the stars all beautiful,
Until they fell,
To burn the world around him


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Sometimes I feel lost,
Like am living in a shadow,
Of ghosts from my past,
Walking around an eight,
With my head low,
Dragging my sore feet,
My hands loosely hanging
Drowning in waves of blurry ambitions

The flames of my yesterday,
A gun loaded,
In her hands,
Within her quivering fingers
The blood on my chest
This hole in my heart,
The anguish of my soul

Lost love

Mirror, mirror,
By the wall he hungs,
A little flame on a melting candle,
Dancing beautifully within his cornered edges

She whispers, asking,
“who’s the fairest of all? ”
“In this room drowning in darkness,
And of the night, young and calm”

His voice vibrating and clear,
“truly in this room, you, above all”
“But of this night, lone and quiet,
The bright star besides the shadow of her moon”

“Gracefully they travel many nights,
Across valleys and plains,
Beyond deserts and thick forests,
And over endless covers of unknown waters”

“Together, I have seen many seasons,
Through the freezing cold of a jailing winter,
And the scorching heat of a summer hell
As like always, glancing through that window from this wall”

“Attracted to her beautiful twinkles,
From the beginning of this world,
To this very moment, with each passing second,
And may be, to the world’s end”

She dances once and twice
Bitter, broken by the weight of his words,
Before, finally, blown out of life,
To rise as smoke, into the milky way

Painting a dark cloud
That even in her despair,
Her tears shall fall to soak the earth,
To soften, and swallow her beloved mirror

Just a game

The slates of this mind,
Where fantasies streamed,
For you,
After the first time

Your gracious gaze
A charming smile,
A lazy walk,
But an elegant body

A woman within,
With a thrilling voice,
That tethered my heart,
In your chamber of lovers

How could I not have seen?
That, it was just a game,
A long list you kept
Within the pages of a red dairy

Where horrors howled from a past,
And anxiety transformed into hate,
To wield the sceptre of power,
As you drag souls into a hysteria

Gutting their souls,
Draining their hearts,
And washing your feet,
With a cloth soaked in their blood

To be, gratified,
Chatting with your demons
As they crown you queen
And later,

Drown you,
In a pool of nightmares
To mark you one of them,
In the hell you partially designed

am not one of you
Immune to your spells
After seeing how empty your heart is,
And in search for an understanding

Of why, the world so cruel?
Seeking the house of empathy
To find one of a kind
To ease your pains

And sorry, it ain’t I
For me too, 
Chat with my demons,
And send them,

To seek sorry souls,
Like yours,
And devour their essence
As I watch with a smile,
Their spirits, wither

And finally,
erasing my slates
For the rules were the same,
It was, just a game


Tatters of trust

The blades of betrayal cut deep,
Through the fabrics of the heart

A world never the same again
Contrastive, a true self revealed

The hypocritical roses of love,
Lying in these webs of deceit,

Lured by soft words of a smooth tongue
To be broken at the cliff of bliss

Now, fallen to the dark world of the unforgiving,
A vindictive soul garbed in tatters of trust

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