boy turns into a man

sometimes this heart feels lonely

like an open sea,

the winds of the south,

lingering, turbulent,

a wave of undesired thoughts


the dashes,

the echoes of an unanswered questions

with a broken pen and an empty ink pot,

a razor slits through the mirror

and bleeds a young man’s face











Another moon

Even the devil loves,
Hugs and smile

Blood in his veins boils
Cold tears run down his lips,
Where the moon shines in the midnight

He warms her heart in his chest
Embracing the color of her soul,
Into the nothingness of the fading ashes
The once white petals of a virgin rose

When she wished for a falling star
And lo, the heavens opened
Her heart she waged
If only it could last another moon


Blood on the grass

Flames light inside
Thirst runs deep
A wanting to want you

Veils of lust
Scatter petals of blood red
Smoke essence of painted daisies

A six and a nine,
A heaven and a seven
A beautiful dungeon

Smell the flower of youth
Fine berries dripping honey
A warm skin washed in a bath of milk

A harmony of forest sparrows
Pants wolves under a full moon,
The blood of a deer,
On a blade of a virgin grass


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