Trapped in a dream

Killing a devil…

..whose head won’t coming off,

My hands are weary,

waving a blunt blade…

…over my head

The multiple selves,

I live a life worth while,

In the web,

Inside the flashy screens

When I am gone,

What becomes of this virtual universe?



With a broken voice,

Sounds of her weeping guitar

She darts like a humming bird

Among falling branches


Will she be free?

From the violent hands

Dad is a drunk

and I hide in the closet


She says, “It is alright”

Kissing my forehead

Her cold lips are bruised,

Is it blood?

or tears?

that I feel on my skin


when did the roses decay?

Or they became bruised

Fallen to the ground

Where angry feet creased their petals


The frames are broken,

The pictures are in the flames

The vows are the ashes,

of yesterday

When she was a humming bird,

Chirping in the early spring


My soul feels cold
My eyes blind
What is, seems not
And what wasn’t, came to be

The veil of ignorance
Trapped in my illusions
These cuffs from the past
Eating flesh around my ankles

If only I had listened,
To the winds from the future
The Black Swan I saw,
Floating down a drying stream

The road we walked,
On shelling mines under our feet
A brother I lost
The only sister to care

Only to cry on my shoulder
Before she turned and walked,
Into the horizon
With my hands painted,
Into the crimson of the falling sky


On the far beyond

I smile at the falling rains,
But cry within,
Letting the cold drops wash my tears
Before the dawn of the sun

I walk with my head raised high,
with a withering spirit,
I stride along a lone path

This life,
A voyage on the sea
Amidst ripples and waves,
Searching for a significance

With the winds against my sails
The mast,
and the compass

So I bury my grief,
Casting my eyes unto the stars
That even though my moon hides,
I sail

And to my grave,
Shall I carry my scars,
With these bleeding wounds,
To heal on the far beyond



Behind a smile is a tear
But not falling

Hating the ways of hope,
Always changing the finish line
In the game of time,

Stacks of grain stand,
A harvest,
so poor

Why do the skies not answer,
To the woes of an honest man,
Clenching his hand hoe

Wrinkled, and skinny,
Fears no shame,
Taking upon all tasks

In his rugged clothes,
A withering spirit,
And a decaying body

Chasing his fading dreams
In the dawn of a sunset
Before an imminent twilight

Oh yes!

This world,
Just pity

With the whispers from her lips
Another tale
Drowning in sadness

A broken soul,
Wounded heart,
Clenching her skirts,

At the bottom of the stairs
Laying in its blood,
Her own embryo

A mother’s cry,
Louder than thunder,

Within a hell’s den,
The open skies,
And the world’s end

As silence sweeps in,
The answer from the heavens
To inhale a grim present

And choose to live,
walk again, head high,
With a smile


Recognise you

Remember that saying, “if you hate where you stand, then move.” If yes, good. If not, I tell you now. MOVE!
The logic behind is the action to do something, rather than sitting on yourself and waiting for pity or a miracle.

So, where do we begin?

If you so desire to live in abundance, then, there is an old rule you should stick to your heart. “Nothing in this life shall you receive for free.” There is always a price. And there will always be a price to pay for one’s deeds. Good or bad. Whichever way you want to think about it. Of this world or not, in this life or after, we always pay.

The choices we make today mount into a past that become the foundation for our future. One man said, “the best way to predict the future, is by creating it.” And he was right. See, the universe grants us a will power. Uninfluenced. And that man can make choices which determine his way of life. Happiness, fulfilment, the good of the world. Or, sadness, anger, pain, the bad as we all know it.

So, do you choose to enjoy the days of your life? If so, I am happy for you, cause you choose to do right and now must come to an understanding of what price you are to pay. Don’t worry. You can pay the price. For the race is not to the swift, wise, strong, or the privileged, in whichever way. But to us all, the weak, abused, name them, cause that’s life. We don’t always start from the same line, but can REALLY get to a desired finish line. And sometimes, even surpass it.
Rockefeller set out to make $100000, he died a millionaire. You too, can achieve that you so desire.
It’s not about how many have failed, or how many times you have failed. It’s about you. What do you want?

What we learn from those we call successful, in the past or this present, is that they paid a price. Hard work, persistence, patience, untold sacrifices, and list goes on. It is no empty talk, but a simple truth that you have to know and apply.

I am no sage and am in doubt of an existing wise man from which perfect wisdom can be sought. That wisdom one would apply, and be certain of the outcome. Doing right, doesn’t guarantee good. Not doing anything is obviously wrong. How do you except to reap from where you did not sow? And doing wrong, definitely lays mines in your future to later ruin you.

What most of us think is because you are doing right, you will definitely have your way. And when you don’t, you seek to point a finger. Why? Because, we don’t understand “we”, ourselves, YOURSELF.
Who are you? Or those around you? That around you? Do you understand what you want? What is life?

I asked some successful people what they thought about life, money and success. It was so absurd when no one had an answer for me. So I realised, many of us simply live through life like zombies. Alive but do not have a life within us.
We simply seek but don’t take time to understand or get an idea of that we want. We hop onto a train and hope to get to a better destination. I understand the spirit of adventure within but shall we say, life is too short to take too many risks.
And when it all comes down, we say, “life is hell.” True, because you indeed turned it into one big fire and that is the price for sloppiness.

Doing the right thing doesn’t guarantee good returns, but what’s the better alternative? None. You do what is right for it is right. It’s not about the returns or fear of punishment, but it’s because it is right and that sets one right piece of the puzzle for you in the future.

So what is right?

In the English language, right means free from error, conforming to a fact or a truth. That’s one interesting meaning. Can you be free from error?
Yes and no

What is right, is for you to know your surroundings. And then, yes, you could be free from error.  But, before your surroundings, know yourself. And then, no, you can’t be free from error. You are human. So, if this be our weaknesses, how do we live to achieve greatness?

From the start we have briefly come to know, that we have to act, pay, choose to enjoy our lives.  I would add another favorite of mine from fellow who said, “one doesn’t drown because one has fallen into the sea, but because one can’t swim.”
In the face of despair, we don’t drown until we can’t get out of it. To put it simply, there is no problem once a solution is known.
So what is right is to find solutions or ideas to problems. And trust me you, the world has grown to what it is today from that basic formula which is not going to change.

Anyway, the human weakness is error. From my chess games, I have realized how many mistakes I make, and that my opponents too make them. That whoever wins is he who optimises the other’s mistakes and hopes, oh yes does, his are not known. Grand masters or masters perfect their games through practice. A constant work on oneself, reducing their errors, and that, to makes the right moves consciously or not. Thus, to live in abundance, one must learn to cultivate the mind to make conscious and unconscious right choices. This doesn’t eliminate error.

Our first chapter states, “recognise you” for it all is about you. One can only serve the world better if one improves oneself. This is a common sermon that most of us have heard of but unfortunately not acted upon. I tell you, charity begins at home, and success as well begins at home, your heart, soul, body. It is about you. Success is for you, and abundance as well.

Let me ask you some questions, do you know you? Where do you want to be in five years? What do want out of life?
Did you have definite answers to those questions? A yes is an answer for those on the right path. And unfortunately if not a yes, then one needs to set things right.

“Knowing thyself is a basis for wisdom” and “wisdom is a constant reflection upon oneself.”
Many of us live and die without ever understanding who we are. When I asked around, good number of people , who they were, quite a lot had a wonderful answer. “I know myself.” Who are you? “I know myself!” And then others would go on and say, am humble, hardworking and on, and on. The wonderful notion that free thought has sickened our minds. “Don’t listen to what they say about you, just be yourself.” Thinking you are kind, doesn’t make you kind. But acting kind does. So, people have to see your kindness and they will have to say something about you. So, you give them what they should talk about you.
I tell you, no matter how many times you convince yourself you are kind, with a good number to argue otherwise, you are most definitely not.
Thus what they say quite means something given the conditions.
I should add that, sometimes, even after so much good will, people could say otherwise about you. But remember, you don’t do good for return or fear of punishment but for its right to do. And that’s where our wonderful notion, makes quite good sense and believe that it was meant for that.

Anyway in summary, there is what you think you are, what others think you are, and who you really are is what both you and others think you are. I should also say that, there could be a part of you that both you and others don’t know (think you are) that adds to the real who you are, but we don’t know if it is there. And remember, because we lack evidence for existence of something, does not mean we have evidence for its nonexistence.

So, okay, you know who you think you are, do you know what are think you are? In truth, no. And that is why some people will tell you to not listen to what others say about you simply because it does seem like a waste of energy.
But did you know, people at the top mind about their image?
So, do you still want to enjoy abundance? I will leave that for you to answer.
But let’s continue, to know you, you should constantly reflect upon you. The people around us serve as mirrors to show us that we wouldn’t know we did. And in so doing, we do right towards a harmonious living in abundance. Would it be abundance, if you fight with your neighbor everyday.
As we shall later see, there are little things that steal our happiness, and we don’t want that.

I am not telling you to go listen to every word the world has to say about you. Come on. Be smart and know when speak and to listen. And it’s not a trait you wake up with in the morning. You cultivate it.
Once you have your mirrors set, you are ready to dive deeper into you.

What do you want in five years? Or what out of life?
The word recognise is to be fully aware. To see and hear differences. What matters to you?  How can you obtain that you want? I tell you, with the world, we all pull to ourselves and it’s no crime in doing so. If one sort out his dreams without a harmonious surrounding, one is so much drawing on water. Worse, on a river who waters he can never touch twice. Wasting resources and time the most valuable of all.
That’s why you would seek to smoothen personal relationships because you operate with people not trees.

The true potential of oneself lies in how much faith one has within. Do you tell you that yes you can, when the world says not you can’t? You would realise that about character, one could use an outside ear to improve themselves. And sometimes in chasing after dreams, a good deaf ear to what others say. For the weight of a vision bearer is upon his soul,  and must strive to free himself. It’s your dream. It’s what you want out of life. Chase after it. Now is always right to do right. Other people have their own dreams and that’s your own business.
Jesus said, “carry your cross and follow me.”
Well I think He meant, mind your own business but watch out not to tramp on others’ for that’s a quick sand to drown you before you enjoy the benefits of your toil.

To recognise you, do you have faith in whatever your dreams are and that you can achieve them?

Good morning

It would be the 11th
Six seconds off a midnight,
Within sounds of a ticking clock,
And howls of hungry dogs

Your breath,
like the wind,
Warming my chest
At the tempo of your heart

How delicate and calm,
The lines on your face,
That smile when you sleep,
A sunrise in the night

That I would wish,
To watch,
Till the first rays of the morrow,
Colour your tender skin

I stand tall in day,
But crash within your arms
This thumping heart,
The evidence of my flaw

A beautiful flaw,
To know love,
To understand her ways,
And finally feel whole.

Thank you love,
Good morning


All was lost

A dead man hopes not,
Lays still to return to dust

We were drowning,
Heads tucked inside,
Our woolen coats

How low would we sink?
The weight of our misfortune,
Heavy on our shoulders
In the ocean of despair

The sun faded within the ripples,
From our wearying arms,
And intensifying darkness
To accept the reaper’s scythe
And meet  blades of judgement

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