Talking to myself

You’re so pathetic!
So annoying!

Pathetic and annoying!
Pathetic and annoying!
Pathetic and annoying!

I should check the door
Check the door

The door
The door
The door

I did check the door
Pathetic and annoying,
Check the door dammit!



Suicide note

A man is his word
And if he can’t trust it,
What value could it be to they that listen?

The past doesn’t defy me yes,
But my sins echo so loud in my ears
That I cant hear any help

Your voice
I watch you,
But can’t hear your voice

For a heart lost,
Is a hell within
That only forgiveness of self,
Is what sets it free

Thank you for reading!

The tears in a cup
Feed her heart with delicacies,
I guess he won’t be joining us tonight


A broken self in a shattered mirror
Blur it’s image
A reflection of a father gone
But a ghost of me
These voices in my head

Mother curses
She cries at the stars,
And shuns my face
That I look like him,
A happiness to the flames


Because I was sad and lonely,
Crying at my shadow on a peg
Where my soul tethered in anguish

Because I was happy and glad,
Dancing with my hands in the sky
Where my spirit floated on the clouds

Because I was angry and crazy,
Choking on my screaming thoughts
With my friends fighting in my head

Because I was bored and lost,
Searching for my pulse in the night
When my dreams felt too real

And because I could so
Skinning my flesh for relief,
Then demons raged within


The bride in a black dress

Where the roses drift on a drying river,
My heart pounds less to the echoes of your lies

Smooth lines mark the edges
A circle looping us inside a past

The black scarf in a closet
The tears of a weeping star

That the moon was mine
And not the warmth of your skin

On a cold night,
At least for most of the nights

When you were with her,
Until the break of a new dawn

But not another colored sun
For the shade is fading

The effects of your drug waning
That it only hurts to breathe

Between sobs of rage,
Pain and ecstasy

The crystal of naivety
A rainbow sunset that I had seen

Transformed into a twilight
That now,
I am the bride in a black dress



Despicable faces,
Medals of shame,
Suits of hypocrisy

When the blind rule,
With a counsel of fools
Married to the daughters of desolation

Fear and minority,
High walls surround,
A barricade
The palace of truth

A celestial’s descend,
A wager of wisdom
Lost of understanding,
Of a world without him

That in history he seeks,
The breath of immortality
With the echoes of his name
Just an empty heart
With its abyssal desires

She and I

We shall drown in this pool of loneliness,
and together marry the dark night with it’s cold silence
this world apart,
our backs against each other
but a gulf within our bed of roses
that flows like a river,
between fire and ice

you are so cold at my blaze
these dancing flames of my rage
so you could whisper at me
and do you?
of course not
instead shut your heart
and become numb to my touch

If angels turn black,
then demons sure have a salvation
these carts of broken promises
history of a mounting deception
rags of a waning trust
now being stitched
with these hands of an aching soul

Black scarfs and feathered hats

the ground is a rock
but a sponge
on which I bounce,
along strings of rubber
faint elasticity
dragged between seconds
this silent planet
my lone soul

the flowers are on the grave
the whispers of the living
black scarfs
feathered hats,
the shadows of hate
standing around your halo
in black coats and long dresses
watching the fall of the sun

Their tongues hymn empathy,
but spit darts of poison
with their feigned smiles,
the scent of your soul
the blood from your heart,
clotted within their nails
so I know,
that before the next sunrise,

shall they come after me
with shinning scythes,
under a hollow moon,
like grey hounds,
their beastly nails tearing the ground beneath
to face this heart of a dark soul
blackened by rage

the monster I have become
with every breath from my lungs
the power in my blood
the fall of a star,
into an abyss of vengeance
with the sun still after a twilight
casting a shadow of death,
over their foul faces


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