A little lonely 

This part of the world 

feels a little lonely

With your smile, 

In my head
The words of silence

the distance between 

Not the oceans or the mountains 

can take in 

the echoes of our hearts 

Beating, for each other


head above the sand

“I’m only trying to build a castle from my childhood fantasies”

I fall back at the day’s break

With the sun on my skin,

The dust on my soles prints on her floor

How much to pay?

When to repay?

The loyalty and affection

She rubs softly on my shoulders

And my soul sails away from the worries of tomorrow

I have fallen,

I have crawled

I answer to no soul but her

crossing the dunes my head above the sand

my eyes search for the oasis

Dancing in the light 

Stare at your shoulder

Study it’s lines closely 

Dwell in your pride

A lion graces with his mane

and Kings reign while castles ruin
The ghosts of the jungle

Unknown shades clouding the sky

And feet breaking the branches beneath 

Crushing the dry leaves into dust
The absence of light,

But no fear

And the Real
Is the understanding, 

For fear 

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