A shade of grey

Always loved the color grey
A composition of black and white
Clearly illustrating humanity
A blur of evil and good
Residing in every soul under the sun

She mourns for her unborn twins
Several scan photos she keeps
Her heart broken by this world’s injustice
Two young souls that didn’t come to know,
The warm touch of sunlight on one’s skin
But rather leaped from darkness into another

She is a mad queen and always was
Loves cake to her heart
And cares not about how many lack bread
As long her family smiles
Tell me, is she wrong for not looking beyond her shoulders?

After all, this world, a playing field
While some choose to play with forks and spoons,
Others prefer bullets and guns
Call it unfair if you like
She calls it reality
And she will work to her last breath
Until she scores of life,
All the happiness that there is

So tell me, is she black or white?
If black, is she not supposed to moan?
And if white, is she supposed to just hand in everything?
May be she is grey
After all, she does sometimes care about others
A charitable organisation for orphans and widows
Clothes and food she gives

may be we are all black and white
One big shade of grey like the moon,
Shining but not bright enough

All of life

Wisdom a lost treasure of the past
Smartness the new trickery of the present
Leaving the future so blind and unknown

Men meet and plan
Devising ways to end each other
Competition running in their veins
To have all and share none

I prayed to the Father above
That He grants me wisdom
To seek a path truly righteous
And follow not the viscous shortcuts

I longed for fulfillment
In this one life that I have
That before I lay underground
It should have been a worthwhile

And yet the candle burns dim
In these cold and dark nights
I tremble and feel weary
My mind empty of understanding

My soul screams lost
If only I had prayed last night
Renewing myself with a new candle,
That my heart would joyfully beep

But yesterday turned to a new page already
Hoping to make the best of today
And waiting for my Father to guide my feet…

Clench a fist

Clench a fist,

Take a blow to a stone wall


Crush your knuckles,

Hear them snap with a rattling


Cry to the sky,

Scream out all your pain


Now, look at your flesh torn,

Discharging red, atoning for your sins


Your rage burning like a flame,

Dancing randomly to the whisper of the wind


Certain winds blow it high,

And others simply play with it


Yet, eventually, the flame dies

Leaving your heart scorched black


Letting rise of a dark smoke,

Clouding the sun above your path


You then dwell in a lost world,

Folly acts guided by the hazy visions


Stumbling about everywhere

Breaking glass with every move


And only to walk through them afterwards

Bleeding your feet until you can’t move


Stubbornly, you bend on your knees

And once again, try to crawl your way out


The sharp pain flashes quick,

From your palms to the mind,


Like bad news across a sea,

Bringing with it, the cold wind of the dead


You howl loud, clenching your fists,

Blood dripping onto your ragged clothes


And then, shutting your eyes slowly,

You finally let tears run down your face


Falling onto your sooty heart,

And eroding it clean with every drop

I Did Dream Big

I did dream big


I did see the car and the house

A white Pontiac Bonneville

A single-family detached home for us

A loving wife with two children

In a framed photo on my desk

Working passionately at my own local newspaper

A successful writer I would be

With a full page in every print

Sharing the joy and pain of my townsmen

In every stroke of a pen on a paper


I did dream big


I did see the school and the church

Bright Mondays and beautiful Sundays

The best plain slacks and tie collar dresses

Gracefully marching into a town hall

With happy faces and warm smiles

For a town meeting I would chair

An upstanding town clerk I would be

With great dedication I would work

Serving with honor and love to my townsmen

In every wise way of leadership


I did dream big


I did see the park and the doves

Star Magnolia and red maples

Amazing Carolina Turtle doves

Fathers playing with sons

Mothers singing to their daughters

Dean Martin’s everybody loves somebody

A wonderful parent I would be

With all strength I would fight

Striving endlessly with advice and respect of my townsmen

In everyday living with my family


I did dream big

And I did see all

I did see happiness

the man from the shadows

to think they couldn’t do it
waiting endlessly for nothing?
castles in the air
believing happiness could come so easily
how naive i was? !

now i understand
that even for the right reasons
we don’t always receive that easily
this world a good place?
at least that what i thought

living with hate
just because i trusted with all
giving in everything, and waiting for the harvest
and only to see
that it was all fraud

looking unto the sky
hoping it would pour down on me
to make me cold, to become numb
to the aching in my heart
and did the sky answer?

now forsaken by all
my family and friends
walking aimlessly on the streets
once a friendly environment
but now lost in it’s shadows

but coming out of the dark
perfected by the hustle
raising my head high
looking unto sky
shining bright on me
that all could see
the person i am today
the man from the shadows

mother and daughter

Humble and virtuous
a path to take
following her mother’s steps
as to live happily
despite the sways of life

wisdom and folly
choices to make
decisions by her mother
mistakes they were
but lessons they are now
to guide her only daughter
through the challenges in life

family and friends
relationships to keep
advice from her mother
trust no one but your heart
so as to guard thyself
from the disappointments of life

sex and love
needs to satisfy
experiences by her mother
there is always the right one for you
patience my dear
when you find him
you will be happy for life

money and success
ambitions to achieve
sacrifices by her mother
the daughter you are now
hard times will come
but remember the greater woman you are
and the things you seek
will be yours through life

And so he was just another ambitious boy. Big dreams, plans , so optimistic but yet naive. ” What was life?,” he asked.
This he longed to understand and know. He reached to the elders. Those he thought they definitely knew something. Only to realise how blind they walked too through life. They lived shallowly by keeping closed minds. Believing in moments by thinking selfishly about how many more of these they could have before they die. Trying to steal every second of happiness they can even at the cost of humanity. After all, what really matters when we die?
The best of life is what we have between childhood and adulthood. When young, we are open minded but lack judgment to act wisely, and when old, closed minded but with good judgment which we trust entirely to choose wisely. And of course we are wrong.
They say history repeats its self but that’s history. We don’t live in history. We live in the present. If all decisions were best guided by the past, we wouldn’t be making mistakes now. Mistakes are things we do as we progress not as we do the same thing over and over again.
While young, we error a lot unlike when old. And the reason is because we stop trying new things. We stop adventuring but live our lives with so many prejudices till we die.
In between young and old, we live. Open minded but with the some good judgment and energy. But don’t we grow wearily after sometime? Yes we do. And what are you going to do about it, boy? He answered, “am gonna be a success.”

I intend to run so fast than non of my enemies would ever catch up.
I feel so ambitious that it scares me I might change into one of the monsters I see everyday. Monsters who trade humanity for achievement.
I know am not the worst of those going through hardships, and not among the successful yet.
I feel a big space within that I wish to fill. Its like hunger that would never stop.
I want not because I wish for, but cause I need more. It grows within everyday that I feel I have to change fast or I would be caught out of time .
Am using alot of energy to keep my feet for both my ambitions and myself.
I dream of a better world. I dream of a better me cause am my world.
I dream of success

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