the lips that fail,

to speak the secrets of a heart

the lone rose in an empty park

on the bench,

a hand that moves away,

in another man’s hand

the resonance

a silent wind and it’s whispers

a bleaching petal,

falling into a winter’s cold

my flesh will numb tonight,

in the tears of an unspoken love







her heart belongs

it is beautiful in the skies

above the clouds where a bed of white spreads

sometimes she wonders,

if her wings would stretch forever

and even then,

the stars were just too far

a little close,

but their twinkles were still faint

and so she returned

back into her little cage

the falling bricks and the rusty roof

turning to dust,

the memories of a young blood,

an ancient spirit,

returning to the skies,

where her heart belongs




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