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He reaches from his grave
Words of wisdom he whispers
“son, touch the sky”

His hands reach longer
The sound of his bony fingers
The cold touch of a father

But warm
The immortal eagle
Observing in the shadows of her eaglets

He feels the chill of her soul
A flickering candle,
And flashes of lightening

Yelling, a moonless night,
Echoes of a thousand voices
From the realm of the beyond

“mother,  watch me grow”
Through the glass walls,
In this bubble of life

The badges of propriety
Pledges and honor
To raise from the ruins

The castle on the hill
A King’s throne
And a mother’s crown

The lines in the sky
Ones to cross
And a universe unlimited



I see it’s depth
An abyss of darkness
Drowning in my shadow
As thoughts chew on my consciousness

How low must I fall?
Before the sky disappears,
The sun into a star,
Fading into a black hole,

To return, or be lost,
Patience, a virtue of time,
A ticking clock,
That unsettles my heart

Frustrated, depressed,
Angry, lost
Hopeless, and lonely
Within a lunatic mind

Scars of addiction

It is the guilt,
Regret, plunging self-esteem
Hate, worthlessness,
Prejudice, hopelessness,
Secrecy, deception,
Desire, emptiness,
Rage, craziness,
Weakness, satisfaction,
Relief, anguish,
Brokenness, betrayal,
Joy, thrill,
Sadness, anger,
Hurt, misery,
Abuse, depression,
Loneliness, boredom,
Power, control,
Dreams, fantasies,
Violence, and suicide
That wound up,
The scars of addiction


Far from home

So I prayed today
At the altar under a roof,
Standing, a rusty but rugged cross,
On a peak, towards the sky

The candles fared,
Wavy flames danced with my own shadow
On dusty stone walls and aged furniture,
As silence masked the night

The midnight hour,
Transitioning into a future,
A present,
Dragging in a past,

These dreams of rue 
Incorporated in a self,
To be buried in tears,
And left longing, for an escapade

Which way?

Cut out of black skin,
The loincloths of our mothers
To walk on empty streets of righteousness
When the rest travel in trains of egotism

Their presents fast fall behind into dark pasts
Quickly getting to unknown destinations they try
Just before their skins wither under the scorching sun
And their faces boney, with lines of misery

I dread that I might take those trains someday
My feet feel sore from long travels,
My vision blurred by heavy eyelids
And lips dry like crust in a desert

The weight of truth feels heavy on my shoulders,
To walk each day with integrity,
And yet, my fellows,
Whisk about with bags of lies

So happy they seem,
And so easy they say,
Inviting me forth to join the merriment
After all, we truly live only once

But, my heart skips cowardly,
Or rather guided by wisdom,
I don’t know which anyway,
Because happiness is but a blurry line too

Banquets of poisoned foods,
And infinite barrels of old wine
Or plates of herbs and fruits
And combs of honey dept in warm milk

Quick and plenty
Or slow and just enough
The hidden desires of our fading bodies
Colluding our judgment to true felicity 

The forgotten soul

The night so vicious,
Not even sleep shall come to save you from your torment

Between hell and heaven
To feel and not feel

Pain or joy
Love or hate

Alive or dead
Angels or demons

Blurry lines of swirling confusion
Spinning endlessly in a turmoil of flooding thoughts

No escape from the solitary cell of your mind
Wicked laughter stereo playing round and round

Devoured by loneliness,
But not oblivion, which would be way better

To fade slowly, away,
Vanishing like white smoke in a dark space

Your screams buried below the earth,
Dying slowly to a piercing silence

But between gates of heaven and hell,
Moans of the dead or praises of the living

To know the good and the bad
And yet, words hold no meaning

Except torment, 
The world of the damned

Unacclaimed by God or the devil,
The forgotten soul

Why foolish heart? (Your shadow I remember)

Am not angry that you didn’t show up,
But at my heart for hoping, even when it was clear,
That it was your shadow I saw,
When you turned to walk away from me

A blackish figure moving far away with each step
Head low,
Hands loosely swinging on your shoulders
Striding through piles of snow

Never looked back, not even once
Why, did I leave the door open?
In the freezing nights of the winter
As I lay in my bed, cold, never warm

I was scared of the dark,
Afraid to fall asleep in a lone bed,
Forsaken by night’s dreams of paradise
But vivid nightmares that you hated me

Burnt all my oil in the lantern,
Never had enough you know,
So I always borrowed some cents to cover the next nights
And yet those too hardly helped

But thanks to the moon,
On some nights, I sat by the door,
Looked at her, swim in the vast dark greyish sky
Despite being alone, she always made her way

And so, I hoped foolishly,
Believing you were my moon,
That you would always find your way
And I see you did,

But not to the doorstep of my heart,
But another, and so it aches,
From the long cracks running,
From the roof to its foundation

Why foolish heart?
The naivety of a young mind,
Now wrinkles of an old soul we nurse
Like grief, why this much pain?

Why do I still hope?
Even now, that my eyes water,
As my heart bleeds from these deep painful cuts
Why foolish heart? WHY?!