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Like the wise

They rely on endless pools of knowledge
Understanding the fine walls with which they were built
Expanding each day like those of kingdom
And devouring slowly the weak lands of folly

They drink from them each day,
Rejuvenating their weary spirits each night,
That they shall blossom come tomorrow morning at sunrise

They spread wide petals of beautiful color,
Attracting forth swarms of bees
Hardworking and dedicated,
To uphold the mighty columns of the hive

Like the wise, a flower

Like the wise, a bee

Like the wise, a hive

And like the wise, a constructed frame of knowledge
Understood to depth,
The patterns with which each rod was laid

The shipwreck

Tears soak the shreds of my heart
Falling from the eyes of my soul
Washing clean blood strains,
Of yesterday’s wreckage

Our love life, a lost ship
Amidst the vast open sea
Strongly surviving countless storms
Until last night, when all changed

The night was beautiful,
A hollow moon and infinite stars
God’s magnificent work of art,
Till when clouds swam in, and covered all

Lightening struck in every direction
And the god of thunder yelled with rage,
Calling forth the typhoon of the western Pacific
Stirring violently, dark clouds

The goddess of the sea raised her tides,
To height like one of the sky,
And then, slammed them onto our deck,
Sinking us into the deep waters

I thought we were dying,
Watched you drop motionlessly
As my eyes shut slowly,
At our ending life together

And yet, opening once again,
To a clear blue sky,
And your beautiful face,
Smiling back at me

Is it a next life?!
Cause I so desire to live with you
So you place your lips onto mine
Kissing them softly

To which I know,
That life, has for sure blessed me with another chance
To create more memories with you
On this lost island,
Where our ship wrecked


Her name, Isabella

I lay on the ground,
Watching the blue sky,
As clouds swim gently,
Varying shapes spontaneously

I listen to the hissing wind
Brushing lightly on my face,
Eyebrows and curly hair
Whispering her name in echoes

It resonates clearly in my mind
Creating vivid images of her
Projecting them onto the open sky

They run one after the other
Creating a motion picture of sort
Seeing how gracefully she smiles,
I get lost in every inch of it

Her lips appear tender and shiny
A perfect alignment of snow white teeth
Just like the clouds above

Her gaze, so enchanting,
And like a flying arrow,
Straight into my glass heart,
Cracking and shattering
Aching with desire

Her dark hair, long and plaited
Twisted strands falling to her back
Appearing satin in the mid sunlight

She bows her head slowly
And raises it cordially
Like an ancient goddess of a kind
Symbolizing beauty and fertility

Her body, young and strong
Perfect curve lines running,
Stretching out her white linen dress,
Appearing like a second skin

And her natural skin?
smooth and immaculate,
A chocolate complexion,
Fusing with that of her dress
And not in an actual blend,
But an astonishing graphic work of art

And like sound from many bells,
Melodic and rhythmic
Pure and steady
She sings warmly
Healing hearts of they that hear

And her name,