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Tatters of trust

The blades of betrayal cut deep,
Through the fabrics of the heart

A world never the same again
Contrastive, a true self revealed

The hypocritical roses of love,
Lying in these webs of deceit,

Lured by soft words of a smooth tongue
To be broken at the cliff of bliss

Now, fallen to the dark world of the unforgiving,
A vindictive soul garbed in tatters of trust

A young heart

She runs fast to my open arms,
Her embrace, warm in the early morning

Delighting my weary heart,
After the long night at sea

That offered me not meat of scales and fins
But a heavy net of sea weed

She whispers into my ear,
“Papa, the moon shall rise tomorrow”

“And you will catch a biiig fish,
That we shall eat and be hungry no more”

“And you will never have to leave mummy and I, “
“Ever again,”
“unto these lonely nights, so cold and scary.”