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The prisoner’s creed

The past defines not my present,
Even though its shadow,
Dark like a moonless night,
Tries endlessly to devour my illuminated soul

But rather, like the stars,
My honest deeds shine bright now,
That even in the wake of my sorrows,
I look back,

now and tomorrow,
At the man I was,
The man I am now,
The man I want to become,

And will, God be my guide,
Surely be…

The battle of consciousness

The Battle of consciousness
A labyrinth of truth,
And lies smartly overlain

Running from a past,
Clashing with the present,
To see a sunrise tomorrow

Reaching for a peak,
And numbed by ice,
To live in the clouds,

Above my nightmares,
Disturbing silhouettes,
And moving shadows

I know what I did,
My hands shiver,
And knees so weak

Reliving every second,
Of the dark night,
And each image so vivid

To forget that permanently written,
On a stone wall inside a cave,
Is to break down the walls in my mind,

To kill me from the inside,
And living without a soul

The shipwreck

Tears soak the shreds of my heart
Falling from the eyes of my soul
Washing clean blood strains,
Of yesterday’s wreckage

Our love life, a lost ship
Amidst the vast open sea
Strongly surviving countless storms
Until last night, when all changed

The night was beautiful,
A hollow moon and infinite stars
God’s magnificent work of art,
Till when clouds swam in, and covered all

Lightening struck in every direction
And the god of thunder yelled with rage,
Calling forth the typhoon of the western Pacific
Stirring violently, dark clouds

The goddess of the sea raised her tides,
To height like one of the sky,
And then, slammed them onto our deck,
Sinking us into the deep waters

I thought we were dying,
Watched you drop motionlessly
As my eyes shut slowly,
At our ending life together

And yet, opening once again,
To a clear blue sky,
And your beautiful face,
Smiling back at me

Is it a next life?!
Cause I so desire to live with you
So you place your lips onto mine
Kissing them softly

To which I know,
That life, has for sure blessed me with another chance
To create more memories with you
On this lost island,
Where our ship wrecked


Fear, surrender and sanctification

Fear is what we know not
A future expected to rain hails
When no roof covers your head
And blankets not warm enough
To protect you from the strong winds

You fall to know your knees and plea
To a higher force that bends ether
Moving the wheel of time with sun
Separating darkness from light
Hoping it crafts you out of your wooden self

You set your heart right,
Feet and hands clean
And wait for the eclipse
Lunar or solar, moving stars
Changing seasons, a new start

And so, to live a worthwhile,
I acknowledge my fears,
Plea to a higher force of unlimited energy,
And set myself right for the rapture
The unknown occurrence of opportunity
All I need is one strike
Just one

That thing called love

Yesterday I believed not in love
And today I float freely in its realm

It is a world of hearts,
Beating at a matching tempo

Where bodies kiss,
Absorbing warmth and sweat

Hands move and explore
Making light touches so thrilling

Running from the toe,
To the last hair on your head

Becoming lost from the physical world
To that of elated bliss

And so, you say unto me,
That I am demented

But, how can I explain to you?
That which you have felt not

You may understand,
But never come to know what it’s like

To wish time would rewind one second back
So you could hear her voice call out your name

To wish the sun would not fall for at least one evening
That you may watch her smile, amidst a beautiful twilight

She says goodnight,
And it feels like forever

Usually just a few hours to dawn
And I hear the other end of line die

So I wait on the clock until it’s morning
Turning in this bed till every part of it feels uneasy

What’s the point in feeling,
And yet can’t express yourself?
Like a huge bubble of emotion,
Expanded to it’s limit, but bursts not

Sometimes I feel angry for my poor heart
Overriding my mind and taking control of me

And yet when it does,
Its drives me to places of wonder

So tell me please,
Is this the thing called love?