her heart belongs

it is beautiful in the skies

above the clouds where a bed of white spreads

sometimes she wonders,

if her wings would stretch forever

and even then,

the stars were just too far

a little close,

but their twinkles were still faint

and so she returned

back into her little cage

the falling bricks and the rusty roof

turning to dust,

the memories of a young blood,

an ancient spirit,

returning to the skies,

where her heart belongs




Far from home

So I prayed today
At the altar under a roof,
Standing, a rusty but rugged cross,
On a peak, towards the sky

The candles fared,
Wavy flames danced with my own shadow
On dusty stone walls and aged furniture,
As silence masked the night

The midnight hour,
Transitioning into a future,
A present,
Dragging in a past,

These dreams of rue 
Incorporated in a self,
To be buried in tears,
And left longing, for an escapade

A love that flew away

Swans once flew,
Over blossoming red roses
And their tainted white feathers,
On broken wings of marriage

The bruises of a first love,
A fall in a summertime
On springs of frozen tears

The lover’s castle by the river of memories
And buried emotions of a past,
Covered in a large painting by the hallway

That hearts bled,
Eyes watered, and skins, sweaty,
Our pathetic efforts to mend the burning bridge

So now, strained by the wrinkles of age,
We stare through these broken glasses,
Our wishful thoughts, carried by the mountain winds
To the land of the never was

That epitomes of our youthful fantasies, 
Lying under olive trees
Living among the stars,
We may savour,
The last smiles, and breath

The shipwreck

Tears soak the shreds of my heart
Falling from the eyes of my soul
Washing clean blood strains,
Of yesterday’s wreckage

Our love life, a lost ship
Amidst the vast open sea
Strongly surviving countless storms
Until last night, when all changed

The night was beautiful,
A hollow moon and infinite stars
God’s magnificent work of art,
Till when clouds swam in, and covered all

Lightening struck in every direction
And the god of thunder yelled with rage,
Calling forth the typhoon of the western Pacific
Stirring violently, dark clouds

The goddess of the sea raised her tides,
To height like one of the sky,
And then, slammed them onto our deck,
Sinking us into the deep waters

I thought we were dying,
Watched you drop motionlessly
As my eyes shut slowly,
At our ending life together

And yet, opening once again,
To a clear blue sky,
And your beautiful face,
Smiling back at me

Is it a next life?!
Cause I so desire to live with you
So you place your lips onto mine
Kissing them softly

To which I know,
That life, has for sure blessed me with another chance
To create more memories with you
On this lost island,
Where our ship wrecked


That thing called love

Yesterday I believed not in love
And today I float freely in its realm

It is a world of hearts,
Beating at a matching tempo

Where bodies kiss,
Absorbing warmth and sweat

Hands move and explore
Making light touches so thrilling

Running from the toe,
To the last hair on your head

Becoming lost from the physical world
To that of elated bliss

And so, you say unto me,
That I am demented

But, how can I explain to you?
That which you have felt not

You may understand,
But never come to know what it’s like

To wish time would rewind one second back
So you could hear her voice call out your name

To wish the sun would not fall for at least one evening
That you may watch her smile, amidst a beautiful twilight

She says goodnight,
And it feels like forever

Usually just a few hours to dawn
And I hear the other end of line die

So I wait on the clock until it’s morning
Turning in this bed till every part of it feels uneasy

What’s the point in feeling,
And yet can’t express yourself?
Like a huge bubble of emotion,
Expanded to it’s limit, but bursts not

Sometimes I feel angry for my poor heart
Overriding my mind and taking control of me

And yet when it does,
Its drives me to places of wonder

So tell me please,
Is this the thing called love?

Her name, Isabella

I lay on the ground,
Watching the blue sky,
As clouds swim gently,
Varying shapes spontaneously

I listen to the hissing wind
Brushing lightly on my face,
Eyebrows and curly hair
Whispering her name in echoes

It resonates clearly in my mind
Creating vivid images of her
Projecting them onto the open sky

They run one after the other
Creating a motion picture of sort
Seeing how gracefully she smiles,
I get lost in every inch of it

Her lips appear tender and shiny
A perfect alignment of snow white teeth
Just like the clouds above

Her gaze, so enchanting,
And like a flying arrow,
Straight into my glass heart,
Cracking and shattering
Aching with desire

Her dark hair, long and plaited
Twisted strands falling to her back
Appearing satin in the mid sunlight

She bows her head slowly
And raises it cordially
Like an ancient goddess of a kind
Symbolizing beauty and fertility

Her body, young and strong
Perfect curve lines running,
Stretching out her white linen dress,
Appearing like a second skin

And her natural skin?
smooth and immaculate,
A chocolate complexion,
Fusing with that of her dress
And not in an actual blend,
But an astonishing graphic work of art

And like sound from many bells,
Melodic and rhythmic
Pure and steady
She sings warmly
Healing hearts of they that hear

And her name,

All of life

Wisdom a lost treasure of the past
Smartness the new trickery of the present
Leaving the future so blind and unknown

Men meet and plan
Devising ways to end each other
Competition running in their veins
To have all and share none

I prayed to the Father above
That He grants me wisdom
To seek a path truly righteous
And follow not the viscous shortcuts

I longed for fulfillment
In this one life that I have
That before I lay underground
It should have been a worthwhile

And yet the candle burns dim
In these cold and dark nights
I tremble and feel weary
My mind empty of understanding

My soul screams lost
If only I had prayed last night
Renewing myself with a new candle,
That my heart would joyfully beep

But yesterday turned to a new page already
Hoping to make the best of today
And waiting for my Father to guide my feet…

I plea unto Thee

Whisper to me oh good Lord
As I tread upon this dark path
Searching myself in this large painting
Declaring everyday as history
After the sun has dived below the mountains

I wish to paint a life,
On earth’s wide canvas
Running brushes on her surface
And signing on her edges,
Marking my name through ages

Should i be good,
Let it be in color
As I slay these dark spirits
And let the angels sing,
Blowing trumpets so loud
For a battle won of flesh

But I hope am never bad
That its sprayed in black and white
As I fall prey to this hungry beast
Waiting to tear my soul apart
Separating me from your spirit.


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