The man yesterday

Only a blur,

Smudged into the present

What makes him better?

Standing taller

Head high

Eyes on the horizon

He sees no filth on his feet

Only an illusion

To last but a sunset

The night’s cold

They love the silence

The abstractive,

Faint with the other echoes

They crawl from the dark

And linger in the full moon


It is a game

I have played

run after the ball,

Hands high,

Dived for the ball

It is selfish

There are no rules,

I have bled

Eyes on her lips

Gave all for nothing

I have played but left Victims of broken hearts…

…from my adventures

when you meet one that loves you,

and you break up,

the heart is a little colder than before

Sorry! You broke my heart

The changing clocks

same faces trapped in reflections…

…of glass before moving hands

Our adaptation to the good,

as we knew it

There is more pain

but our hands wont let go

Don’t you ever imagine that it is easy for him?!

The beautiful sights

Converging hills,

Moving clouds and colored canopies

The train through life

What we call memories,

But play like horrors

from an unending script

when does one stop to write?

It all went silent.
You stepped off
I am looped in the imagery
Falling behind my eyes
At least it blurs the reality of this dreadful loneliness

Hey, won’t you say sorry for breaking my heart?

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