Trapped in a dead man’s watch, 
A young man’s soul sinks in the abyss 

Falling through echoes and whispers 

The tailor only made the tie

Sold it to a friend, 

And the user’s guide he keeps

Beneath a cracked mug, 

“the pain never goes away”

Whisky stains on the pages

Of a father’s will to his son

He stares at the knot in the mirror

“I never get it right”

And steps off a leaning chair


Mating tongues

We kiss with our eyes open 

Fragrances illude failing lungs,

catching our breath between mating tongues

We wait for the claws

Hands squash warm hearts,

pulled from a lover’s chest

Thorns dive deeper enough,

Into a soul’s layer

Playing romance in a bed of roses

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