Dancing in the light 

Stare at your shoulder

Study it’s lines closely 

Dwell in your pride

A lion graces with his mane

and Kings reign while castles ruin
The ghosts of the jungle

Unknown shades clouding the sky

And feet breaking the branches beneath 

Crushing the dry leaves into dust
The absence of light,

But no fear

And the Real
Is the understanding, 

For fear 

The last sunset 

A breath that lives

A mother’s kiss printed on your forehead

farewells into the open sea

A sailor’s oath 

Hands printed into the wood,

and feet anchored in the deep waters

The curse of the black chest

You swim with the snakes,

and despoil with the wolves

You eat with the strangers,

and fight besides your brothers

The vanity

The Gold and wine

The withering pleasures of flesh, 

The molten statues of youth

Dusted, and ruining

With the sea’s song along a soft tide,

You catch the last sunset

A mother’s smile 

As you drown,


into the oblivion 

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