A man dreams

‚ÄčThe world is such a big place

The running skies into the seas

And the speck of dust on a ship’s flag, soaked in a nights cold,

It’s weight dragging it down  into the oblivion of a worthless sea tide

The triviality of our concerns, our own existence versus the  value of life, is a man his dreams?

A flower ceases to be

A walk in the park
A silent wind rubbing,
against weary leaves
A dry throat in a bright sun

The touch of fairness
Feel the pores breath
The eye that catches a flower
Inhale her fragrance

Way deep,
Into the lungs,
the mind
And the soul

If only moments stretched a lifetime,
even more,
The petal that withers,
in my hands

It’s dust in the wind
A shattered heart
When it hurts to love,
cause the day is gone

Just a day
Only when I thought I didn’t care,
and you did it
You left memories in my head

The little arguments
The smiles within the tears,
I hate that I didn’t hold you enough
Long enough

The flower from the park
Ceasing to be
But forever in our hearts,
A friend and a family



It scares me that I’m leaving
That I don’t know anything at all

Treading unknown waters for sure
That I fear the future now
More than ever

Yet I desire even more,
To leave

To embrace the turbulence of high waves
Living within my fears

Will I drown?
Or will I fight through every second?

With my own strength,
Wit, and breath

Will it be worth a while?
My life,

Just a lump of sand
Pouring from my palms
Through the gaps between my fingers

Someday I died,
Born into the stars

It is beautiful here
Where the illusions of the sun hide

But confidence,
The face of a lucky coin
I will be performing tonight,

In coloured lights
Where applause elevates hungry hearts

And yet,
Mine is a thirsty one


I fear that I will hurt you because I know I will hurt you

You love me anyway and that scares me so much

You love me dearly and I am afraid I will never love you the same

I am a wild rose in the woods

You smell my petals so deep but too short

And I am lost of my color before you find a pot,

To water my stock,

Before I rest warmly in your living room

And paint an eternal smile on the walls of your heart

I wonder,

If I could ever make you happy,

But I won’t

Love, this is good bye

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