Letter to the North Star

I wish to speak my heart,
To you
Like whispers on wings of a night’s breeze

With words flowing like a little stream,
Myself alone,
Staring at the shade of a black sky

And in the sound of silence,
I hear your voice
Like a hymn by a priestess

That I am left to dream
With my mind’s eye to see,
Your silhouette on a sunset

The crimson, and the yellow
All fading into the night
The North Star of my universe

This distance between
You in the sky,
And myself in the grass

I guess I should have talked
Should have kissed your cherry lips,
And held you tight within my arms

With another moon to wait
I dread I can’t be myself anymore
Not without you

That this ink on paper,
Scribbles of my drunk love
Bleeding my heart to you,

Hoping to catch that first light,
Of your eye,
When you finally come out of the clouds



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