Blades and roses

“Please, take the pain away,”she whispered. Shutting her eyes slowly, with a thumping heart, as she embraced the darkness. She listened at her breath, like two papers bags, filling and emptying, the essence of her life.

Laying on her back, a pink duvet, white pillow, neatly laid over her metallic double bed, with a beautiful design of curved metal, into flowers, that always blossomed in the mornings.

This time, this sunrise, she wished not to see another sunset. Thinking, better to leave under rays of a young sun, than to leave and leap from one darkness into another.

In her right hand, she held a tiny  container, with her arm hanging off the bed. She held on dearly, but felt her grip loosen, as a dizziness clouded her head.

Pop! Pop! The little sound that came from the plastic container, as it bounced once and twice on the tiled floor, rolling under her bed.


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