Feed my Frankenstein

You are my friend
So it would be wrong

Given this failing body,
Charms of a hidden passion

This aching heart,
A line far from discretion

And how long can I stand?
Enduring this torment of a denial,

Simply a delay,
To eventually cross over the same line

I wait on dearly
Yet with a disgraceful eagerness,

Fancy the wine,
Boiling inside your heart

Like a hungry vampire,
To dash at the scent of a flesh kill

I need no reason anyway,
But just a tiniest bit of justification

That it was fated,
Not a weak self,

To smell the scent of your soul,
Beneath perfumes of a fresh rose

Skirting the curves of your body
Drunk on the essence of your spirit

I want you,

Body, soul, and spirit
So I feed my Frankenstein


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