A goddess

She was a beauty,
Fairness glowed in her youth
Her crystal skin,
And a thumping heart
The eyes of innocence,
With her breath of life
She exhaled into me

“Please have my soul”
Her veil of virginity
Robe of purity
Torn off her flesh
But a black lingerie,
Which she held onto
Her left hand across her chest

A shame of Eden
Beneath a rising sun,
A radiance of true beauty
The art of a Potter’s hand,
With her perfect curves,
A Queen to sit,
On the throne of hearts

We laid silent,
In a bed of Wolf’s skin,
Staring at the white ceiling
Her dark hair spread all over
Cuddling in the white fur
Like a goddess
A goddess

This loop in my mind,
Her fragrance filled in my lungs
Her silhouettes flashing in my dreams,
These beautiful nightmares,
And the echoes of her melodic voice
When we rolled, in a garden of roses



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