Mad love

Bleed my scars,
I love the way you lie
Rip my heart open,
Do you love the way I cry?

You grip my neck,
Chocking my soul,
With all the strength in you
Gathered within your little fingers

An aching in your heart,
Piercing through the red in your eyes
The tears of silence,
A monster you have become

Quench your thirst,
On my blood,
Skin my flesh,
And heal your cold

Devour me,
look into my heart,
Watch my soul wane,
As I fade behind shades of darkness

Another memory on your slates,
A name on a wall,
In the cave of your mind,
Playing, the Queen of spades

And why now?
Oh! You do care i see,
Breathing like a mad bull,
Oh wait, they are always crazy

But suddenly calm, hm!
A cow and a goddess
Sobbing on my chest,
Do you love the way it hurts?

You bleed when I bleed
Smile when I look into your heart,
And weak when I breath on your neck
So I see, this,
Another mad love



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