The wolf and the moon

I hate that I fall in love,
With you,
That you are my friend,
And dread the weirdness,
If you said no
Or yes,
That I become lost,
To how I would act

I mean,
I cast my thoughts
Away from your glamouring smile
The warm innocence in your eyes,
From which I find delight,
Of my reflection,
Picking out snow dust,
From your long and satin hair

You dance,
to a tune of a harp,
Of the winds of youth,
A heavenly bosom
An angelic body,
Peering through white cotton,
Filmy to a mind’s eye

I hate to love,
The way you lie,
The brightest mind,
Forever a master,
In the chambers of my heart
That my soul is to you,
And so is this body
To bleed as you please

Why do I,
Long for you?
Do you even see me?
Perhaps it is, in the stars,
Where you hang as the moon,
And I, 
Am the wolf,
Howling, at your radiant beauty



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