I feel so alone
With a silent mind like a night,
But like cars along an idle highway
Sounds of resonating thoughts
Waving through a dark road

They howl,
and torment
The tranquillity of my soul
Lost on a voyage
Searching for myself

I yearn to awake,
to rays of a beautiful sun
With my woes in the shadows,
Of yesterday’s winds

Blades and roses,
Wrists and razors,
Laying inside a tab,
With a flaming candle,
Shining upon the ancient letters,
Of a divine scroll

I dig my own pit,
Yanking my own chains,
Around my neck,
Toes,and hands
To love the pain,
If its all, there’s to feel

But even so,
It was the light,
That moved away,
To blur my shadow,
With the night,
When my moon rose
But fell with her stars
The ghosts from my nightmares



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