I dread the night
For its shadow too dark

Am lost, lone,
Within fabrications of a happiness

That even when I attempt,
This heart is but a dump

Working with the waste,
Of my varying emotions

Are there any?
Bored, Sad,

Angry, hate,
And a dominant pain

Sometimes numb,
Just another being

Skirting these empty streets
Of cheerful blurry faces

What is happiness?
Or do we only come to know pain?

Cause that I feel so well,
The depth of its fears,

To hate to love,
And love to die

Cause sometimes,
I just feels like it

Laying inside corners of a casket
Or ashes in a jar

Emptied into the sea,
To feel your soul sink

in a drowning darkness,
Suffocating in the mind

Chocking on thoughts,
Regret, a longing,

Of the past,
To correct, or enjoy

The flash of life,
That blows out like a candle flame



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